Electric Windows
Pontiac Firebird

How could you resolve an electrical issue in a Pontiac Firebird that prevents the windows and radio-CD player from operating at the same time?

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2009-05-18 22:49:25

So this is what I have found out so far. I have a 1999 Pontiac

TransAm with the WS6 package. My windows are currently not

functioning and neither does my aftermarket radio. First check the

ignition switch, if you are lucky then that will be the issue. If

that is not it, check the BCM, next to the Glove Box, vertically

mounted. I already had the Ignition switch changed, but now the

Body Control Module (allows the windows to function and the radio

to work after you turn off the car) has a short and needs to be

replaced. With Pontiac being shutdown, you need to fix this


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