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Currently the the United States has a very high level of debt. One reason for this was the expensive cost of the wars it has fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Q: How did America owe so much debt?
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Do you receive a refund if you owe one of the creditors on your bankruptcy?

No. The debt is simply discharged so you don't owe it.

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How much debt is America in because of the Iraq war?

well its not just the Iraq war that has us in so much debt, this is only like 3 % of the debt that this war creates. & were up to 53 trillion dollars in debt

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How much does each taxpayer owe against the national debt?

I think only 45% of the population actually pays any tax- if that is so, the debt per tax payer is about $103,000. The debt clock ( see the related link) estimates tha debt per person at $46,142.69 this evening of July 14.2011.

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Care One Credit is a debt consolidation company. If you owe multiple places they consolidate your debt into one lump sum, so you only have one payment. They also negotiate settlements for you on your debt.

Why do we owe china so much money?

Because the US spends far more each year than it takes in. That is called the deficit. Every year that we have a deficit, we need to borrow money to make up the difference. That is called the debt. Much of that loaned money comes from China, or the debt was assigned to China by whoever the US borrowed from. Since we're living on borrowed money, we have to owe someone. China is one of those someones.

What is the fastest way to get out of debt?

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Does America owe China more than Japan?

America doesn't owe China or Japan anything. If anything, they owe China because they were allies in WWII and were one of the original four countries to form the UN.