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Buddhism grew with one practioner at a time.

The Buddha's followers -- those who learned from him directly -- worked to keep his teachings as true to his original intention as they could, and (just like he did) walked great distances to share them. Over time, person-to-person, the teachings spread largely because they don't require any faith at all -- once a student begins to understand what's being taught, and put it into practice with diligence, the fact that the teachings work to relieve suffering is enough to make them spread. Asia.

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2009-10-07 13:20:46
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Q: How did Buddhism grow?
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Where did Buddhism grow?

In India,Thailand and China.

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In which continent did Buddhism grow?

Buddhism began in Asia.Asia for most of its exsitence, now its spreading to Europe, Australia and North America.

How did Asoka help Buddhism grow?

He sent messengers to many countries e.g. Sri Lanka, to teach people about Buddhism.

When did Buddhism grow?

Constantly, from the day the Buddha began teaching to the present.

Where are Buddhism practiced?

Buddhism can be practiced ANYWHERE in the world. It is easier to practice buddhism in the eastern countries however buddhism is now starting to grow in America and other countries over in the west. There is no set place where buddhism should be practiced because it is more of a way of life, not as much a religion.

In what continent did Buddhism grow?

Buddhism began in Asia, around 1500 BC. It started in India, then spread to China, then to Thailand. Thailand is currently the most Buddhist country in the world, at 95% Buddhist. Modern Nepal's major religion is also Buddhism.

How did Buddhism grow after the Buddha died?

After the death of Buddha, the followers spread the religion. And kept expanding and growing.

What was the religion of Aryans?

Chinese Buddhism Chinese Buddhism Chinese Buddhism Chinese Buddhism Buddhism

How is Buddhism structured?

Buddhism is structured into several different schools of thought. For instance, there is Mahayana Buddhism, Theravada Buddhism, zen Buddhism, Nichiren Buddhism, and Pure land Buddhism.

Why did Buddhism grow in India?

it grew because of the missionaries sent out to help people convert to Buddhism. and also because leaders were converting to Buddhism, and were helping people with their life(through the Buddhist religion). hop this helps:) p.s. i litterally just finished learning about this 1/2 days ago in s.s.

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