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How did Frank Benson become an artist?


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July 18, 2008 7:03PM

Born into a successful merchant family, Benson lived in Salem for most of his life. At the Boston Museum school he befriended Edmund Charles Tarbell and Robert Reid, at the same time teaching drawing classes in Salem and painting landscapes during the summer. In 1883 he began his studies in Paris, and in the summer of 1884 painted at Concarneau, along with Willard Metcalf and Edward Simmons. His early paintings were conventional landscapes.[1] After returning to America in 1885 Benson opened a studio in Salem and taught and painted portraits in Portland, Maine. In 1888 he took a studio in Boston, and married Ellen Perry Peirson. In 1889 he began teaching at the Boston Museum school, and in 1891 became co-director of the school alongside his friend Tarbell. (wikipedia)