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How did Islam spread throughout in the beginning?



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Islam started by start of universe creation as it means full submission to God the Creator. However, Islam per Quran revelation to prophet Muhammad (PBUH) started first in secret then Muslims migrated to Ethiopia to escape the tyranny of pagans of Makkah (or Mecca) people. Then they migrated to AlMadina (or Medina) and prophet Muhammad (PBUH) joined them. The pagans continued to attack Muslims in Medina and Muslims defended themselves and gained more converts to Islam and hence got more power. Islam spread to other areas in the Arabian peninsula and north Africa when they were called by the natives of these areas to free their will and allow them to practice their faiths freely and openly. Prophet Mohammad himself raided caravans and made wars upon the pagans who attacked Muslims and invaded their lands and homes. Then, Muslims invaded the Persian and Byzantine empires and Egypt and North Africa and freed the will of their people to select their own faith and beliefs. Refer to question below.

Additional views:

  • Islam always existed. Neither the Bible nor the Torah mentioned the words Jew/ Judaism, Christian or Christianity. So it is widely accepted that older prophets were Muslims. Quran is the only book with the words Muslim and Islam!
  • The Bible foretold of prophet Muhammad as well as Hindu Scriptures! Refer to links below.
  • This is a distinction that Muslims possibly do not make. When we refer to a religion, any religion, we refer to a set of practices that support a given faith. The practices involve the specific activities that are carried out in observance of worship and other devotions. Even if Islam as a concept of submission did exist from the beginning, the religion of Islam did not exist until it was brought to light by Mohamed. However, Islam religion started by start of universe creation as simply worshiping God as the one and only one God. Ritual worships were ruled out through the different God prophets who called to Islam including Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad (peace be upon them).