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How did Italy relate to the ideas of Aryan supremacy?

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Between the early 1920s and Italy's disastrous performance in WW2, Hitler had immense admiration for Mussolini. Hitler and some other Nazi leaders (such as Goering) were perfectly willing to bend their theories on race when it suited them. Others, who took the theories more seriously claimed that the ruling 鬩tes of Italy (and Spain) were descended from the various Germanic tribes (Goths, Vandals and so on) that invaded much of southern Europe as the Roman Empire crumbled in the West. Mussolini did restrict the freedoms of the Jews but he not comply with the Final Solution and sometimes ignored it. After Italy's surrender in 8 Sept 1943, Mussolini was set up as a puppet leader for the remaining Fascists. The Nazis and the extreme Fascists forced more Jews into concentration camps. What was more extreme for the Italian people was that many men were forced into labor camps in Germany or they were given the option of military service with the Nazis or be sent to a concentration camp.

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