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John Adams, our first Vice President and second President, was a lifelong opponent of slavery. Even though he opposed the system of slavery, he did not oppose removing Jefferson's condemnation of slavery in the original draft of the Declaration of Independence. He felt uniting the colonies for independence was more important at that time, than causing the Continental Congress to debate the issue of slavery.

Abigail Adams was an abolitionist, but Adams took no public positions on slavery. As historian Richard Brookhiser commented, if Adams had ever made a public statement against slavery he never would have been elected president.

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Q: How did John Adams feel about slavery?
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How many slaves did John Adams have?

he had none. john Adams didn't agree with slavery

Was John Q Adams for slavery?


Was John Quincy Adams for or against slavery?

he was against slavery just like his father the second president of the United States John Adams

Did John Quincy Adams end slavery?


Did John Quincy Adams have a slave?

No- in fact Adams spoke out against slavery.

Did John Quincy Adams abolish slavery?

No, Abraham Lincoln did.

Which president wrote a poem about slavery?

John Quincy Adams

John Quincy Adams brought light to the dark issue of slavery?

No, in his time slavery was an acceptable practice.

How did john Adams feel about the independence?


What did John Quincy Adams propose as a US Constitutional amendment?

John Quincy Adams prohibited slavery in any new state to join the Union. :)

What events were going on during John Quincy Adams' presidency?

Well, slavery was a big issue in the United States at the time. Mr. Adams was strongly against slavery just like his father. Which makes His father, John Adams, my favorite President of the United States.

Why was John Adams against slavery?

John Adams could see that it was a violation of the universal rights of man to hold other human beings in bondage. Perhaps unfairly, I add that he had no personal economic interests in supporting slavery.

Did John Quincy Adams any changed the laws?

He wanted to stop slavery

Who said when annual elections end there slavery begins?

John Quincy Adams

Who said If slavery must go by blood and war let war come?

john quincey adams John Quincy Adams, who was returned to Congress after his term as President, in a speech to the House of Representatives said: "If slavery must go by blood and war, let war come."

John Quincy Adams major accomplishments?

he helped end slavery in african americans

Former president who fought for the right to discuss slavery in congress?

John Quincy Adams

What is John Quincy Adams legacy?

he left behind a legacy of trying to stop slavery

What were slave that escaped slavery called?

thomas jefferson john adams and abrham lincion

Did John Quincy Adams own slaves?

No, he actually was one of those who condemned slavery.

What did John Quincy Adams do to end slavery?

John Quincy Adams used his position as a member of the House of Representatives to advocate against slavery, both by giving speeches and presenting petitions. He would eventually serve as the 6th President of the United States.

How did John Quincy Adams feel about being president?

he loved it

What was John Quincy Adams 1839 antislavery proposal?

Knowing that the country would not agree on abolishing slavery altogether, Adams proposed a constitutional amendment saying that no one could be born into slavery after 1845.

What is John Adams rationale?

John Adams rationale consisted of republicanism and a supporter of the independence of Great Britain from America. He opposed the idea of slavery and made it his lifelong goal to not own slaves.

What was the ship called that John Quincy Adams defended for the fifty three slaves?

ss slavery