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How did Lenin rise to power?



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Lenin was a head bolshevik but worked outside Russia for the first few years of his political career. Tsar Nicholas II (ruler of Russia at the time) was encourage to step down after he failed to run the country to a satisfactory standard due to the simple fact that he was too busy commanding his military, so he abdicated. A provisional government was then set up and led by Prince Lvov (whom was later succeeded by Kerensky) until an election was organised. The Germans saw this stall in politics as a chance for lenin to step in and take control of the country, they felt he would assume power with the intentions of pulling Russia from the war. Lenin was easily presauded and he retuned to Russia in hope of becoming ruler. On his arrival he made it clear that the Russians should be pulled from the war and the standards of the country should be improved. Many of society agreed and were desperate for stablity within the country. Lenins party (the Bolsheviks) became popular among the citizens. The Bolsheviks decided they would promptly arrest the whole provisional government and take controll. After these arrests were made the people of russia began recognising their new govermant. Lenin had rose to power.