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Most of New England was settled by the English. Inventing new names for the places they settled was never a high priority. In fact, it is very rare for anyone to think up a "new name". I'll bet your name is the same name shared by thousands of people. When the settlers from England had a new place they were settling and it needed a name they usually chose a name that was already familiar to them from their life in England. There is a Hampshire in Southern England and so they named this new place "New Hampshire". Not very original but it probably also helped them feel a little more at home to have places named like that.

It got its name from a little county on the southern cost of England. Most places with a "new" are from Europe.

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Q: How did New Hampshire get its name?
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What is the official name of New Hampshire?

the official name is the state of New Hampshire

New Hampshire's name?

From Hampshire England

What does the name New Hampshire mean?

It was named after Hampshire county in England, hence "New" Hampshire.

Where did New Hampshire get its name?

New Hampshire got it's name from Hampshire, England.

What did New Hampshire get its name from?

Hampshire was a place in England

Origin of name for New Hampshire?

Hampshire England

Who came up with the name New Hampshire?

someones name was hampshire and they wanted to be famous . they found a piece of land and called it new hampshire then when they died more and more people started to go there and then it became new hampshire

What is the origin of New Hampshire?

The name comes from Hampshire England

What is the name of the state that is due north of New Hampshire?

Maine is north of New Hampshire.

What is the name of Indians at New Hampshire?

The only type of native Americans in New Hampshire are the Algonquins

How did New Hampshire colony get its name?

it was named after the English country of Hampshire

What is that orgin of name for New Hampshire?

The County of Hampshire in southern England.

Where did New Hampshire's name come from?

The County of Hampshire in southern England.

What does New Hampshire's name mean?

New Hampshire is named after Hampshire England while we were british Colonies (i say it that way because i was raised in New England)

What is New Hampshire's original name?

New Connecticut

What is the origin name of New Hampshire?

It was named for Hampshire County in southern England.

Where is the Mall of New Hampshire located?

As the name implies, the Mall of New Hampshire is located toward the southern end of the South Willow neighborhood located in Manchester, New Hampshire.

What is current name of Pennacook New Hampshire?

Penacook, New Hampshire is a village in Concord that was originally called "Fisherville."

What states have new in its name?

New York, New Hampshire, New Jersey

How many senators does New Hampshire have?

There are 24 State Senators in the New Hampshire General Court which is their name for the State Legislature.

What is the name of the state who's name starts with new?

New jersey, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New york.

What state borders Canada Maine Vermont and Massachusetts?

New Hampshire.New HampshireNew HampshireNew Hampshire

A fact of New Hampshire that begins with the letter z?

Zachary Road is the name of a street in Manchester, New Hampshire. Zimmerman House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, is located in Manchester, New Hampshire.

What are name 2 new England states?

Maine and New Hampshire.

Is there two states that are east of the Mississippi river name two of these Missouri Oklahoma New Hampshire Ohio?

New Hampshire and Ohio