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"Very small businesses can probably survive by simply keeping a list of all of products. Any supermarket needs to keep track of thousands of brands and ‘stock keeping units’ aka SKUs.

The primitive way of maintaining inventories is count every box and can of goods. A medium-sized grocery will take a day or two and in the old days stores would close until the process was done.

It was in 1974 in a store in Ohio when the barcode was first used commercially. Now, stores big and small all over the world are using the technology. When a store manager or owner need information on a certain product, all he needs to do is scan a barcode."

Source: peak-ryzex /blog/how-barcoding-changed-the-world/

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Q: How did inventing the bar code has improved the society?
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How did inventing the bar code have society improved?

It allows goods to circulate faster and priced with greater precision.

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How have bar codes improved society?

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