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How did problems in Germany after World War 1 give rise to Hitler and the Nazis?


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In an effort to "punish" Germany and prevent the German leadership from considering future war efforts, other nations brought financial sanctions limiting business and hopefully preventing German capabilities of future war. It backfired. The sanctions were too harsh and coupled with the general financial depression of the 30's German citizens suffered even more than many of their European neighbors. Hitler gained popularity by promising prosperity for Germans, blamed much of their condition on the Jews and after getting into power he quietly built a powerful army. He was able to convince Germans that the Aryan race, not just the Caucasians, but a specific sub-group of Caucasians with specific physical characteristics was superior to all others. These he called the "master race". Many of the Germans loved to hear that. It proved what some already believed, and the others wanted to think of themselves as special. Hitler was livid when a black man from the United States won a race in the Olympics. He believed that Germans should have won everything. Members of the NAZI party were not just political ideologues, they were hand picked for matching the Aryan profile. By believing that all others were inferior and therefore less worthy, Germans were justified in their actions. Germans truly believed that they could manage the world far more efficiently. They believed that the Jews would always be greedy and always run the banks and other financial institutions and that the world could not function as long as they lived. NAZI


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hitler wanted germany to take over the world so hemade an army (the nazis).Hitler became prime minister of germany and also the main leader of the nazis.

They fought against Germany and the Nazis to stop Hitler.

No, since Germany did not invade Sweden.

Germany experienced an economic depression, and Adolf Hitler and the Nazis rose to power.

Nazis, Hitler, some of Germany, Some of Japan

The severe reparations that Germany was required to pay for what they did in World War I. This lead to an environment where Hitler and the Nazis came to power because foreigners were blamed for all Germany's problems.

Adolf Hitler was the Nazis dictator who was the leader of Germany during World War II.

Adolf Hitler.AnswerThe Nazis (National Socialists) were not an army. They were a political party, and Adolf Hitler did not start it. Hitler joined the Nazis and climbed his way to the top. Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in 1933, and in 1935 he disposed of Ernst Rohm who was his last serious Nazi rival. The German Army could have opposed Hitler and got rid of him before World War 2, but they largely supported him because they saw him as the ticket to restoring the glory they lost in the humiliating defeat of World War 1. Even today, long after World War 2, many people still believe that all Germans in World War 2 were Nazis. And it is probably believed that only a German could be a Nazi, but there were also French Nazis, Dutch Nazis, American Nazis, and other Nazis. Today there are Nazis legally organized in many countries, except for Germany which outlawed the Nazi Party after World War 2.

Hitler and the Nazi party were popular in Germany because of the fact that they said that they could bring Germany out of poverty, and that Germans were a 'Master Race' and that they would rule the world for the next 1000 years. They tricked the people into fighting for them, and tricking them into killing millions of Jews because the government told them that they were the cause of all there problems.

Adolf Hitler and the Nazis Party caused the Second World War by invading Poland. Hitler wanted to create a Germanic State over the whole of Europe and Russian.

Hitler and the Nazis, wanted to conquer and rule the world. The rest of the world disagreed, and banded together to thwart Hitler's aims.

He was head of the German Government and started WW2 and authorised the holocaust.

the Nazis plan was to gain power to take over the world and rule Germany, altough he failed to regain the power that Germany want, the plan was a bad idea and went down hill. Hitler shot himslef, that was no help for the Germans to gain the power. world war 2 was really important to Hitler and he never had the chance to look out for his country.

The entire world blamed Germany and the Nazis for all the deaths and genocide of the Jews. They blamed the Germans for not killing Hitler at the begginning. They blamed the criminals at the Nuremburg Trials for not stopping all the atrocities and for not stopping Hitler.

because he was looking for a way out from the financial problems Germany was having from world war 1. Hitler did not only hate Jews but gyspys, gays ...etc. In all fairness, it wasn't just Hitler who hated Jews. After the first world war, people blamed Jews for the ruin of Germany and the reason why Germany surrendered ww1. Hitler and many others blamed the Jews for for all the problems in Germany

Yes, Hitler and the Nazis took part in and plannedd most of the attacks in World War II.

the guys who wanted to help Germany get back on its feet after ww1 and the great world-wide great depression. they also started world war 2.

Basically, complete control. He wanted to control Germany and the rest of the world. He wanted power from Germany. He wanted to make the world his vision and make everyone the same. had he succeded, there would be no African Americans or Hispanics. Above all, Hitler wanted boundless expansion. 'Today we have Germany, tomorrow the whole world!' sang the Hitler Youth in theirenormously popular official song. What's more the Nazis meant it!

The Nazis in World War 2 were basically German soldiers that were very loyal to Hitler.

No Asian country started the World War II. Germany (which is in Europe), is the country who started the World War II by Hitler and the Nazis.

Berlin, as it was the capital and Hitler was living there along with the nazis. DANIEL LUIS

They really didnt, More or less the nazis grew as hitler took over country after country, having the other surrendering militaries join alongside the Nazis

Hitler did not invade Germany. Hitler was the leader of Germany, who caused the Second World War by invading his neighbours.

Germany wasn't split into East and West Germany until after the Nazis were defeated in World War II; the Nazis ruled all of Germany, East and West, prior to that point.

Hitler believed that it was the fault of impure peoples, such as Jews and homosexuals, that Germany lost the war. He believed that the eradication of these impure people would make Germany, and the world, better.

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