How did religious doctrines of protestants and Catholics in France reflect political and social divisions and rivalries?

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doesnt matter. Religion has to concentrate on today. The history gives lessons for good and bad decisions, but we need to use our energie with conscience to develop our future forward.
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Besides religious differences and the division of the Middle East after World War 1 what caused Sunni Shiite rivalries to exist?

There are several reasons for this animosity in addition to the initial conflict over Immamat (Leadership) which are below. The Colonial Borders are not in any way responsible for Sunni-Shiite conflicts since most Arab territories had both before Europeans divided them. 1) Historical Grievances: ( Full Answer )

Why did France and Germany have historic rivalry?

French-German relations have been time and again tested throughout history. Ever since the 18th century, the two states have had a mutual distrust, constantly fearing an attack from one another. In the Napoleonic Wars, France (the continental European superpower at the time) invaded Prussia (what wa ( Full Answer )

How did political religious and social institutions emerge in the English colonies?

In the English colonies, the Church became the most significantsocial institution. It tied together most of the colonists based onfaith, and many, if not all, of the social interaction in the earlycolonies stemmed from this connection. The political institutionarose from English common law, which wa ( Full Answer )

Discuss the political and social events of the romantic era and how it is reflected in the writings of this time?

During the Romantic Period, the Industrial Revolution was changingEurope, bringing both wealth as well as poverty. On one hand, theMiddle Class became wealthier, and rose to the level of gentry,displaying a rigid form of manners and social reactions thatmimicked those of the aristocrats. Literature ( Full Answer )

How did Renaissance art reflect the political and social events of the period?

Renaissance literally means rebirth. During the Renaissance, peoplediscovered and rediscovered old ideas and new ones, especiallyGreco-Roman ones. The mindset of the time was that men can dowhatever they put their heart to. Renaissance art had equal parts Classical antiquity, but alsoembracing new ( Full Answer )

How does social division affect politics?

some political divisions are linguistic some are on bases of religion and many more this creates a racial discrimination and division of the society in short the integrity will not be maintained and there will be a lack of communal harmony.

What is a Protestant assessment of the Catholic doctrine of the Assumption of Mary into Heaven?

All of the Christian Church, with the exception of Roman Catholics, and a few individuals in other denominations, regard the Assumption of the Virgin Mary as a Roman Catholic doctrine that has no basis in history or scripture, is based on flimsy evidence, and has been adopted by the Roman Church to ( Full Answer )

Political social and religious groups in the time of Jesus?

SOCIAL GROUPS POLITICAL GROUPS The 'poor' Sadducees The diseased Pharisees The Sinners Scribes Tax Collectors Zealots Samaritans Essenes Farmers Romans Artisans Herodians Social Groups Ð The poor This is the lowest status you can achieve. These people have no dignity and rely on others merc ( Full Answer )

What political social economic and religious institutions emerged?

A. During this time period, people were becoming more stable. Farmers were now growing more food than they could eat them selves, which led to some people being able to quit farming, still have a steady food suply, and work on something they were skilled at (art, costruction, etc.). This led to a g ( Full Answer )

What is a Catholic Protestant?

At first glance many people think a Catholic Protestant is a contadiction in terms. However there are Protestant (or Reformed) people and churches that identify as Catholic but not Roman Catholic . Catholic means 'universal' or 'general', so some Protestants regard themselves as catholic in the ( Full Answer )

Where did major religious conflicts occur between catholics and protestant?

It's not about religion. It's about the British being in Ireland. The British like it to appear as if there is a religious war going on and that they are keeping the sides separate. This is not the case. There are Catholic unionists and protestant members of the IRA. Catholics tend to be republican ( Full Answer )

What are two examples of how the division between Catholics and protestants affects daily life?

Roman Catholic answer: I'm not real sure that I understand your question, but I'll give it a shot. Probably the biggest difference between Catholic and Protestant belief is HOW one is saved. From what I understand a Protestant thinks that as long as he accepts Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and ( Full Answer )

How do Protestant Catholic and Greek Orthodox religious images compare?

Most Protestant's tend not to use imagery because they consider it idolatrous. However it wouldn't be too out of the ordinary for a Protestant to have an image of Jesus in his/her home. Catholic's tend to use statuary and images such as the Sacred Heart of Jesus, The Immaculate Heart of Mary, and ( Full Answer )

What Protestant doctrine threw out the authority of the Roman Catholic Church tradition?

Answer The Presbyterian Church of England! Answer Or perhaps 95 Theses against the Catholic Church, written by Martin Luther, the founder of Lutheranism. One of the main differences between the Lutheran Church and the Roman Catholic Church lies in the doctrine of forgiveness. Lutherans b ( Full Answer )

What was the religious movement that protested the abuses of the Catholic Church and what was the result?

That would be the Protestants...who became even less faithful. The actual result, on the Catholic Church's side was a renewal referred to as the Catholic Reform, which started with the Council of Trent, and resulted in a perfect flowering of the Christian religion. The result with those who left the ( Full Answer )

Which response by the Roman Catholic Church to the Protestant Reformation clarified the doctrines of the church?

Roman Catholic Answer The Council of Trent was called in 1545 by the Holy Father to combat protestantism and reform the discipline of the Church; it was longest and one of the most important of the general councils. It issued almost nothing new, it just restated the long time teaching of the Churc ( Full Answer )

Is Protestant Catholic?

No. Answer If you mean 'catholic' with a small 'c', then yes. the word 'catholic' simply means 'universal' and so the Protestant Church is part of the universal Christian Church worldwide. If you mean 'Catholic' with a large 'C' - this usually refers to the Roman Catholic Church and, though the ( Full Answer )

How the rivalry between Britain and France did much to shape early American politics?

this is coming straight out of give me liberty page 273 other foes of the new government, and war broke out between france and great britain. Events in France became a source of bitter conflict in America. Jefferson and his followers believed that despite its excesses the Revolution marked a histor ( Full Answer )

Why was the Protestant Reformation movement created religious rivalries in Europe that carried over into exploration of the Americas?

The Protestant Reformation in Europe occurred a few years before the exploration of the New World. When Columbus returned to Spain from the West Indies telling King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella that he had discovered "India", (which after returning from a second voyage he corrected himself) it start ( Full Answer )

What did the Catholic Church do to its doctrines that were being criticized by the protestants?

Well, the Catholic Church itself did not really change its doctorines. The Church is incapable of changing doctrines, as they are revealed by God, and not something made up by people. Some of the people within the Catholic Church were abusing the doctorines and practices around the time of the ref ( Full Answer )

How did the Catholic and Protestant split lead to political rivalries and wars in Europe?

In the sixteenth century when Martin Luther first led his revoltagainst the Church, it was accepted practice that everyone (saveJews) in Europe were the same religion as the prince of thatparticular country. The Peace of Westphalia tried to stop thepolitical wars by saying that if the prince of a te ( Full Answer )

What are the differences between catholic and protestant religious practices?

One follows the scripture and traditions of the early church and the other abandons what he/she chooses. Protestantism is in itself a heretical movement against the early church and her traditions. Essentially they both believe in the Trinity,Divinity of Christ,Atonement ect.. They however do not ag ( Full Answer )

Why do Protestants believe in sole religious relevance of the Bible if the Bible was compiled by the Catholic Church in a specific political environment?

A: Rightly or wrongly, both Catholics and Protestants (and Orthodox) believe in the relevance of the Old Testament, which was compiled by the Jews. The New Testament was completed by around 150 CE, long before there was truly a Catholic Church, an Orthodox Church or any Protestant Church. We can n ( Full Answer )

How does the music of Mindanao reflects the social and religious life?

Music The Maguindanao has many types of musical instruments: the kudyapi or boat lute, the suling or bamboo flutes, the kubing or jew's harp, bamboo zithers and bamboo scrapers, the most important, the kulintangan ensemble. The kulintang is arranged horizontally from largest to (lowest in ( Full Answer )

Which belief is the basis for Catholic social doctrine?

The belief that is the basis for Catholic social doctrine is the teaching of Our Blessed Lord, Jesus Christ, who came to earth to show and explain both God's love for humanity, and the plan that He has for humanity. This plan is rooted in the great commandments: that of love of God, and love of neig ( Full Answer )

How did the conflict between the Catholics and protestants change the political views?

That depends on whom you are talking about, for instance in the sixteenth century in the Holy Roman Empire, it was the other way around, the Peace of Westphalia legislated that whatever religion the ruler was, all the people had to be of the same religion. If you are talking about the political prob ( Full Answer )

Who has two major divisions catholic and protestant?

The Catholic Church was early on split into two segments. Onesegment was based in Rome, Italy, and was called the Roman CatholicChurch. The other segment was based in Byzantium, Greece, which hadreplaced Rome as the Romans' capital. It was called the ByzantineCatholic Church, but is better known no ( Full Answer )

Catholics created religious art while Protestants created art depicting everyday scenes. Which issue did Catholics and Protestants disagree about that led to their radically different art?

There were many issues that the protestants and Catholics disagreedabout. Catholic art responded to the reformation by depicting the issuesthat were being challenged. So in Catholic art you will find thevirgin Mary or art depicting the dogma of the immaculate conceptionor saints eg Saint Catherine ( Full Answer )


Slavery was themajor issue in the 1860 election. The Republican Party platformpromised not to interfere with slavery in the states, but opposedthe further extension of slavery into the territories. RepublicanParty candidate Abraham Lincoln won the 1860 presidential electiondefeating John Breckinridg ( Full Answer )