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How did the Hawaiians live before Captain Cook?


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We lived great. We didnt need anyone coming to our land teaching us anything. We already knew how to get food and survive we did perfectly fine without all you.


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They lived the same way they did after his death: they happily lived off the resources of the island, unaffected by European influences.

Captain James Cook lived in Yorkshire, England.

Cleveland in the North Riding of Yorkshire in Northeast England

Captain Cook did not live in Australia at any time. He was the first to chart the eastern coast, in 1770, long before European settlement in Australia. A reproduction of Cook's cottage is situated in Melbourne, Victoria, but he did not live there.

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James Cook was born on 27 October 1728 and died on 14 February 1779.

Hawaiians live in ALL 50 states. They arrived by car, train, plane, or bus.

Captain James Cook - was BORN in England !... Not far from where I live. He was an explorer who traveled by ship to many foreign countries. If you type 'James Cook' into Wikipedia - there is a comprehensive article on his life, career and maritime exploits.

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before he was the captain of a shipped tasked with a secret mission to fin the elusive southern continent,James cook was a farm labourer's son , living in the quiet and heather - carpeted moors of north yorkshire,UK.

No, Hawaiians are not Chinese. People from the Hawaiian Islands are called Hawaiians while people from China are Chinese. There might be people who live in Hawaii who are Chinese though.

Born 7th November 1728 died 14th February 1779

Hawaiians are not native americans. Hawaiians are Hawaiian. We call ourselves Kanaka maoli.

All of the "main" Islands except Kaho'olawe and Molokai has the highest percentage of native Hawaiians.

The first people to live in Hawaii were the Hawaiians which are the Polynesians

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The third largest island which is Oahu.

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