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As a result of their ignorance, brutality, and lawlessness, the KKK succeeded in raising the awareness of the disparities of segregation and denial of civil rights to a wider American public. Their actions to "protect" the rights of a very small minority (their own, regardless of their rhetoric they do not represent the ideals of the majority of white Americans) at the expense of everyone else's rights is the antithesis of the foundation of the US. If you throw out the Bill of Rights, what do you have? Not the United States of America.

That's the America that allows them the right to their opinions, meetings, costumes, publications, and demonstrations. They have the rights to all of these freedoms, but not at the expense of others' freedoms.

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Q: How did the KKK affect the civil liberties of the people?
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How is the KKK trying to portray itself as an organization?

They are not only a hate crime orgination but a group who shows a lack of respect against individual freedoms and civil liberties!

When did the KKK start to kill black people?

The KKK appeared in the immediate aftermath of the American Civil War and terrorizing people began soon thereafter.

Does the KKK kill whites to?

The KKK has killed white people. During the Civil Rights Movement, white people who supported the movement were killed as well.

How big was the KKK during the Civil War?

The KKK wasn't founded till after the civil war

Why is it the KKK was not formed before the civil war?

because before the civil war white people were already above black people, they began after the civil war because black people were starting to get their rights

Has the KKK killed people?

Yes, the KKK has killed people and intimidated many others in order to deny them their civil rights. Victims have included Black Americans, Republicans, Jews and others.

When did the KKK begin?

The KKK was formed at the end of the US Civil War in Pulaski, Tennessee.

When was the creation of the KKK?

the kkk was created in the 1850s by former soldiers after the americn civil war.

Was the KKK for the union or confederacy?

Neither - the KKK was founded after the Civil War in 1865, by Confederate veterans.

What did the KKK do in the civil war?

They were not founded yet.

What did the KKK do in the 1950's to affect equal rites?

The KKK killed the African-Americans.

How long has the KKK been going on?

The KKK began about the time of the civil war. Though not as popular as now.

How did the KKK affect the freedmen?

they effected them

What affect does the KKK have on us today?

They totally affect how we live today. We have people who are still racist and people who still truley dont believe blacks and whites are not the same.

Why was the KKK against the civil rights movement?

The KKK is dedicated to white supremacy; they believe that people of European descent are superior to all other types of people and deserve more privileges, power, and wealth. This is a form of collective selfishness.

What group is not for improving the civil rights of blacks?


What affect did the KKK have on America as a whole?

The effect the KKK has had on America as a whole is simple hate crimes discized as clubs aka organizations are the blood bath of human rights and people of color.

Was slavery still legal around KKK?

No, because the KKK formed after the civil war. Of course after the civil war things were still very uneven between the black and white races.

How did the KKK affect American history?

The KKK killed many people in the U.S. More than this. These people didnt like certin other people and killed those people. I think that this is very mean and stupid. Please see related question below.

Why is the KKK good?

KKK is not good, they killed innocent people.

Who are affected by the KKK?

Black people were the main target of the KKK.

What did the south organize after the civil war to stay supreme?


Who started the KKK?

Ex-conderate soldiers of the Civil War

Where were the KKK originated?

They apparently started in Tennessee, after the Civil War

When did the KKK emerge?

During the Reconstruction Era after the Civil War.