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GOOD/BADMost of the citizens felt the US should take part in the war, and most government officials felt the same way. There are always dissidents, but they did't take lots of drastic actions until the soldiers came home. They did not give returning veterans the respect they deserved.

In general, post-war feelings were very positive. Most believed that the war was justified on the two major fronts, Europe and the Pacific, and were happy with the outcome. There was a sense of exhuberance and for decades the US rode on high hopes for the future. The Allied Forces were more than decent in how they treated the defeated nations. We helped Japan and Germany in their reconstruction and we heartily welcomed them into the world culture and economy. The actions taken by the US were also in the best interests of the US, but few will deny that US aid was crucial in the restoration of the parts of the world that were scarred by the war.

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How was the us financed in world war 2?

Selling War Bonds to US citizens

What did us citizens have to do to support World War 1?

buy war bonds

What did the us citizens conserve in World War 1?

ammo . . ' ```

How many people died in world war 2 that were US Citizens?

418,500 US Citizens were killed during WW2.

How many US citizens were killed during World War 2?

1,700 US Civilians were killed during World War 2.

How many US citizens died during World War 2?

1,800 US Civilians were killed during World War 2.

How did the us fund the World War 2?

the war was funded by American citizens using war bonds and rationing.

What group of US citizens were interned during World War 2?

The Japanese

Who was relocated in the us during World War 2?

Japanese American citizens

How did the US government encourage citizens to participate in the war effort during World War 2?

buying war bonds.......................

How did the Vietnam war have an impact on US citizens?

Since US citizens were drafted to fight the war; it had a negative impact.

How did us citizens feel about germans in the us during world war 1?

The Germans were not very popular. Some people changed their German sounding name to an American one. Other names for things were changed.

How were civil liberties curtailed during world war 1?

For US citizens, civil liberties were not curtailed very much during World War I. Some German citizens were ostracized and treated badly.

What hardships did US citizens face during World War 2?

Rationing and loss of sons.

Did Italians obtain US citizenship for serving in World War 2?

No They were citizens when the served in the military

Did The purchase of Liberty Bonds were the main way in which the US financed World War 1 and it showed patriotism by its citizens?

Yes, the purchase of Liberty Bonds was the main way in which the US financed World War 1 adn it showed patriotism by it's citizens.

In what war have you lost the most soldiers?

The US lost the most amount of men in the US Civil War, because the US was fighting itself. US citizens fought US citizens.

Did German u boats kill us citizens before ww1?

German U-Boats attacked and sank ships that were carrying US citizens, which in the process killed US citizens. This did happen during the period of time (1914-1917) during World War One before America had entered the war. Neutral citizens died if there ships were sunk.

Why were thousands of US citizens put in an internment camps during World War 2?

National Security.

Why did the us government ask citizens to save leftover fats during World War 2?


How did the idea of freedom motivate the US to get involved in both World War 1 and World War 2?

I don't think the idea of freedom had much to do with the US entry into World War I or World War II. The US declared war on Germany in 1917 after the sinking of the Lusitania, where a number of US citizens died. The US entered World War II after the Japanese attack on the military bases at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and the German and Italian governments declared war on the US the next day.

What ship was sunk that caused the US to enter World War 1?

The sinking of the Lusitania had an effect. 128 US citizens were drowned, but this was in 1915 & the US does not enter the war until April of 1917....

Were the Japanese Americans that were interned during World War 2 US citizens?

Of the approximately 110,000 Japanese Americans who were relocated to internment camps during World War 2, 62% of them were American citizens. Half of those interned were children.

How did citizens aid the us during World War 1?

Citizens assisted in raising foods for the soldiers. Citizens also provided material for soldiers. Women also contributed to work in the factories.

Could the us feel the wind from the nagasaki atomic bomb in World War 2?


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