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The United States had broken the secret code used to send messages between Tokyo and the Japanese embassy in Washington DC

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Who attacked the US?

Japan attacked The US on December 7, 1941.

How did pearl harbor begin and end?

Japan thought that the US was going to attack them so Japan attacked us first even though we were not going to attack them. And pearl harbor ended when Japan ran out of planes on there carriers.

Who attacked who in World War 2?

Japan attacked the US, and later that same day attacked British colonies near Japan.

Why did Japan attack the US in December 1941?

The US stopped exporting steel, aviation fuel, and scrap iron to Japan. Japan got mad and allied with Germany and Italy and eventually Japan attacked the US. On the day of Dec. 7, 1941, diplomats from Japan were meeting with Congress in Washington to make peace with the US. Well, as that was going on, Japanese fighter planes attacked Pearl Harbor.

Why did the us dropped the atom bomb on hiroshima?

The Us and Japan were at war, after Japan had attacked the US. Japan had refused to surrender to the US.

What did the US do after Japan attacked them?

They pooped on their chests.

What date was the us attacked by japan?


What is the day when the us attacked japan?


Why did the US bomb Japan?

Because the Japanese had attacked the US

What happened after US attacked Japan?

Actually, it was Japan that attacked the US first. We retaliated by entering into WW2. To end the war with Japan, the US dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This caused Japan to surrender, marking the end of the war.

Did the US know Pearl Harbor was going to be attacked?

No of course not. However the Americans did find out that Japan was going to attack them, but they didn't know when and where. They found this out by cracking the Japanese code, that was being sent through. Japan wanted the attack on Pearl Harbor to be a surprise, so the US would not be prepared to defend themselves. This is why the U.S. lost many men, planes and ships when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. Bottom line, the U.S. had no idea that Japan was going to attack Pearl Harbor.

What happend after the US attacked Japan?

Japan strengthened it's air defenses.

The atomic bombing of Japan by the US in 1945?

It was the attacked that made Japan surrendered.

Why were the us at war with Japan?

Without warning, Japan attacked Pearl Harbour.

What branch of the us military service was attacked by japan?

The US Navy!!

Who attacked US in World War 2?


How was World War 2 broke out?

Japan attacked China in the 1930's, Germany attacked Poland in 1939, then Japan attacked the US in war.

Why did US support china against Japan?

Because japan attacked the U.S. first

Where did the japan attack the US?

The Japanese attacked the US in pearl harbor,Hawii.

Which country attacked the US base at pearl harbor?


What happened after Japan attacked US?

we got dragged into ww2

Why Japan have to payback for the US?

Because they have attacked Pearl Harbor.

What day did US get attacked from japan?

December 7, 1941

What did the US do after japan attacked pearl harbor?

Declared war

Why did the us go into WW2?

because japan attacked pearl harbor (i don't know the dates) and the us got mad and also because japan and Germany sank some of their they went to war

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