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How did the U boats have an effect in World War 2?

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they killed most of the allied ships in all of the wars.

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How did world war 2 effect Staten Island new york?

Heavy traffic in patrol boats, merchant vessels, and warships.

Were boats used in World War 2?


American German you-boats in World War 2?

It's U-boats!!!!!

What country had U-boats in World War 2?

U-boats were German.

How many U-boats did Germany have during World War 2?

52 boats.

What are the world war 2 boats called?

Which boats do you mean, there were many but im guessing you was looking for German U-Boats?

What size props were used on World War 2 PT Boats?

See website: Patrol Torpedo Boats (PT Boats)

How many you boats were used in world war 2?

1,154 were commissioned.

What laid in Europe after world war 2?

German U boats

What were Japanese crash boats?

they were simple boats packed with explosives and crashed into allied ships in world war 2.

What country in the World War 2 had sub-marines called ''u-boats''?

Germany, they were submarines.

What were German submarines called in world war 2?


What was the blockade vessel used in World War 2?

German U-boats.

How were you-boats used during world war 2?

To sink ships.

Things that started with you in World War 2?

U-boats. (German submarines)

Did the Japanese use PT boats during World War 2?


Another name for submarines during World War 2?

the U boats..

What materials are used to build pt boats of world war 2?


How many German U boats where sunk in World War 2?


Did the shipbuilding industry have a good effect on the economy of Seattle during the end of world war 2?

The shipbuilding did have a good effect on the economy of Seattle and other the other places building ships, submarines, and boats, especially the Higgins boats. The entire country benefit economically from the war industry. It improved the lives of the workers too.

What did the Axis in World War 2 call their sumbarines?

They where U-boats or Underwater Boats. These ships sunks most likely the most ships in the entire war.

What effect did World War 2 have on the US?

it was a bad war!

Which country was the best at submarine warfare during World War 2?

Most likely Germany, they had the U-boats (underwater boats)

What countries had submarines called U-boats during World War 2?

Germany called there submarines U boats

How did America entering World War 2 effect the world?

It helped win the war