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How did the radio become popular?

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It became so popular because during the 1920s and so on, and during the Great Depression and World War 1 and such, it was usefull for a new standard in communication with your friends or communication in war but it was also sparked in regular citizens in the U.s and manyother places for leisure. Cause in that time, the radio didnt only broadcast news and music, but dramas, sitcoms, and music programs.

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How do you become famous just by a call?

By calling on a popular radio station

Why did the radio become so popular?

because jass music came out

Is radio 2 available globally?

Radio 2 is based out of Britain. It has recently become a national radio broadcast because the BBC has become so popular in other areas of the world.

When did the radio become popular?

The first radio station was broadcasted in 1920 and became ever so popular after that increasing from one station in 1920 to over 600 in 1922

Did in 1950 have radio players?

Radios were very popular in 1950, both in the home and in the automobile. The radio started to become popular in the 1920s and was a major source of entertainment by the 1930s.

At what time did the radio become popular?

The first radio station was broadcasted in 1920 and became ever so popular after that increasing from one station in 1920 to over 600 in 1922.

How did singers in the 50's become popular?

Record sales, radio and television

How has The Bay become popular in Canada?

The Bay has become popular in Canada through television and radio commercials and advertisements. They have increased their advertisements a lot in the past few years.

Why is the radio so popular?

Radio is so popular cos its ace har har

What are the most popular radio channels?

In the UK, the best three most popular radio channels are: BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 4* and BBC Radio 1. Other popular radio channels are: Heart, Capital, BBC Radio 5 Live*, Kiss, Smooth Radio and Magic FM.

When did radio become available to home use?

Radio stations began broadcasting during the 1920s. August 31st, 1920 was the first news broadcast. Few people had radio sets, but crystal radios were popular from the start.

What radio station is BBC 1 radio?

A Radio station in the UK that broadcasts popular music.

What are some popular Mexican radio stations?

Some popular Mexican radio stations are Radio Formula FM 104.1, Los 40 Principales MX, Stereo 97.7 and Alfa Radio. All radio stations are located in Mexico City.

Why did sports become so popular inthe 1920's?

The radio was invented in the 1920s, allowing us to hear the commentary during games.

Which internet radio stations are the most popular?

There are many popular internet stations. One of the most popular is KISS fm which is stationed out of Los Angeles. BBC 1 radio is another popular choice.

Why is popular music popular?

Popular music is popular is popular for many reasons but one of the main reasons is that the same songs play on the radio station. When you listen to VIRGIN radio or any other popular stations there are a main 20 or 30 songs that they play over and over again! It will get stuck in your head easily if you listen to the radio enough, and eventually you will have to like it! Music producers pay these big radio stations to play there songs over and over again, so usually what you hear on the radio is not necessarily popular it's just overplayed. Does that answer your question?

Is there a radio station that plays song for kids?

Radio Disney is probably the most popular.

When can girls basketball become popular?

They become popular when people start talking about them.

Is TV more popular than radio?

Absolutely, radio became obsolete. It is substituted by TV.

What radio station is common in stores?

the radio station that is common in stores is because it is very popular

What are some popular radio controlled toys?

There are a huge number of radio controlled toys that are popular today. The most popular today is called a quadracoptor because of its cool look and impressive flight abilities.

Why TV program become popular?

Funny and sexy t.v programs become popular.

When did football become popular?

When it became popular.

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