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How did the roman catholics came to the Caribbean?


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Spanish crusaids.

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Roman Catholic AnswerUkranian Catholics ARE Roman Catholics, so NO, they Mass if not like Roman Catholics it is Roman Catholic.

All denominations came from Catholics and having same bibles with small changes/

In 1492, Christopher Columbus (a Catholic) landed in the Caribbean. It wasn't until some years later that missionaries followed.

Christianity came to Ireland with St. Patrick in 432AD.

There are about 38,000,000 Roman Catholics in Spain.

Roman Catholics normally refer to themselves are Catholics or Roman Catholics. Sometimes they use a name associated with a religious if more clarity is desired.

Most are Roman-Catholics Most are Roman-Catholics

Roman Catholics generally came to the American colonies for two reasons: (1) To evangelize the native American Indians; and (2) To practice their faith without civil government interference.

Do you mean Roman Catholics?

why did the africans came to the caribbean

Nothing, Irish Catholics are Roman Catholics.

They came to the CARIBBEAN for adventurous reasonS

There are numerous Catholics in the Netherlands.

Irish Catholics are as Catholic as anyone else who professes the Catholic Faith. "Differences" might be found in particular devotions, saints and cultural customs that the Irish celebrate, but these are not so much differences as venues of expression.There isn't one. A catholic, is a catholic. Roman catholic is the catholism practised today, but it doesn't mean they're roman. Irish catholics are Roman catholics. American catholics are Roman catholics. Italian catholics are Roman catholics. It doesn't mean they're roman, but rome was where it origiated, that's why the pope lives there.

Jews came many centuries before Catholics.

Some came for the adventure. Some came for the opportunities immigration offered. Many came to escape religious persecution.

they came yo sell thing in the caribbean

what year did amerindians came to the caribbean

The vast majority of Mexicans, both in Mexico and other countries, are Roman Catholics.

According the Wikipedia article "Catholic Church by Country" there are 173,212,640 Roman Catholics in the US as of the 2009 Census of the Pontifical Yearbook (Annuario Pontifico). The population of catholics in the United States is less then the protestants. As the catholics mainly came from Ireland.

Maryland was established by Catholics for Catholics.

All came seeking religious freedom which was not present in England at the time.

Roman Churches usually refer to Roman Catholics. Roman Catholics use a different method of worship compared to Christians.

Roman Catholic AnswerThere is NO difference. The Macedonian Greek Catholics are Roman Catholics ever bit as much as Latin Rite Catholics are. The Latin Rite is much bigger, and more familiar to those of us in the west but they are equal in the Church.

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