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Spanish crusaids.

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Q: How did the roman catholics came to the Caribbean?
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Do Ukrainian Catholics celebrate mass like Roman Catholics?

Roman Catholic AnswerUkranian Catholics ARE Roman Catholics, so NO, they Mass if not like Roman Catholics it is Roman Catholic.

How are roman catholics similar to other denominations?

All denominations came from Catholics and having same bibles with small changes/

What year did the Roman Catholics come to the Caribbean?

In 1492, Christopher Columbus (a Catholic) landed in the Caribbean. It wasn't until some years later that missionaries followed.

When did the Roman Catholics move to Ireland?

Christianity came to Ireland with St. Patrick in 432AD.

How many Roman Catholics are in Spain?

There are about 38,000,000 Roman Catholics in Spain.

What are Roman Catholics known as now?

Roman Catholics normally refer to themselves are Catholics or Roman Catholics. Sometimes they use a name associated with a religious if more clarity is desired.

Who are roaming Catholics?

Do you mean Roman Catholics?

What are the main Slovakian religions?

Most are Roman-Catholics Most are Roman-Catholics

What are the discrepancies between Roman Catholics and Christianity?

None. Roman Catholics are Christian.

Why did the africans came to the Caribbean?

why did the africans came to the caribbean

Why did the Roman Catholics come to the colonies?

Roman Catholics generally came to the American colonies for two reasons: (1) To evangelize the native American Indians; and (2) To practice their faith without civil government interference.

What is the difference from Roman Catholic and Irish Catholic?

Nothing, Irish Catholics are Roman Catholics.

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