How did the spanish effect the Aztecs?

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The Spanish came to central America and delivered diseases such as Smallpox, Measles and Influenza to the Aztecs. The Aztecs, unlike the Spanish, were definitely not immune to the diseases and caught them, making them weak and forcing them to lose the battle between them.
Although the Aztecs captured and sacrificed many of the Spanish, the Spanish resulted in taking over the capital city of Tenochtitlan and defeating all the Aztecs.
The Spanish at one point tried to spread the Catholic religion throughout Mexico, forcing Aztecs to learn more about God and the Bible. If children didn't learn their lesson about it, they were punished. They were forced to stop worshiping their gods and celebrating their festivals.
They were also made to work in Spanish mines or on estates.
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How did the Aztecs respond to the Spanish?

The Aztecs thought that the Spanish were gods so they worshiped them and did whatever they could to please them, at first. But the Aztec ruler, Montezuma, had his doubts about them. Soon after they arrived, the Aztecs discovered that the Spanish were as mortal as their other enemies, and fought agai ( Full Answer )

What advantage did the Spanish have over the Aztec?

The Spanish had horses that scared the Incas. . Better weapons . Trained better. . The Incan were fighting among themselves for control of their own government . Weakened them enough for the Spanish to conquer them. . Diseases such as smallpox that wiped out entire communities. . Prophecy ( Full Answer )

Why did Aztecs fear the spanish?

Answer . The Aztecs feared the Spanish (Hernado de Cortes) because of sevreral reasons. I will list all those i know: 1) The Spanish had a propechy that said there god would come to them on boats. They believed this would come true. They thought that the Spanish were their god forfilling the prop ( Full Answer )

Did the Aztecs try to convert the Spanish?

The Spanish invasion was not a meeting of equals, where each side could try to convert the other.. The Spanish generally had overwhelming military power. More importantly, they had magic that must have come from the gods (especially guns), and even looked like the gods. When the Spanish told the Az ( Full Answer )

How did the spanish and Aztec war start?

The Spanish and Aztecs fought because the Spanish wanted the gold and natural resources. It was actually the Spanish who had started the battle. Plus the Aztecs fought because the Spanish killed Montezuma.

Did the Aztecs like the Spanish?

Some did, some didn't. Initially there was collaboration (and more) because they thought the Spanish leader was their god Quetzalcoatl, 'the feathered serpent', who was supposed to return to them. Later, by which I mean a few months later, things turned nasty and remained that way for the next four- ( Full Answer )

What advantages did the spanish have over the Aztecs?

The Spanish advantages that they had over the Aztecs were their weapons, their fighting techniques , and their allies and warriors. The Aztecs had feather shields , clubs, arrows , and spears as their weapons. The Aztec's goals in war were trapping people more than attacking their enemies . And th ( Full Answer )

Why did the Aztecs think the spanish were gods?

The Spanish had weapons similar to those which the gods had. The appearance of the Europeans was similar to some descriptions of the gods. One of their gods was light-skinned with a beard who was supposed to return from the east on a boat. If they were not gods themselves, they may have been messe ( Full Answer )

Why were the Spanish able to defeat the Aztecs?

The Spanish had horses, guns, swords, and cannon while the Aztecs still used hand weapons and spears. They also had the backing from tribes who disliked the Aztecs, such as the Talaxcala. However the defeat of the Aztecs and the downfall of Tenochtitlan was mainly due to the ravages of disease. Most ( Full Answer )

How did the spanish beat the Aztecs?

The Spanish beat the Aztecs because the Spanish had canons and guns whereas the Aztec people only hand made wooden spears. The Spanish had more powerful weapons than the Aztecs moreover they had lots of people.

Why did the spanish kill the Aztecs?

To conquer them, make slaves of the Aztecs, and to get their gold. Also, because the Aztecs ruled much of Central America, took people as slaves, and offered them up as human sacrifices. A lot of the Native Americans helped the Spaniards to defeat the Aztecs, because they did not like the idea of be ( Full Answer )

Why did the Aztec accept the spanish explorers?

The Aztec were very accepting of the Spanish explorers initially.They believed to have received omens nine years prior to thearrival of the Spanish and expected them to be their protectors.

What was the spanish conquest of the aztecs due to?

The Spanish conquest of the Aztecs was due to the fact that theAztecs at first did not realize that the Spanish were going to tryto conquer them. Even when they did, the Spaniards had superiorweapons and the Aztecs were unable to defeat them.

What aided the spanish in conquering the Aztecs?

The Spanish defeated the Aztecs with only a few fighters. TheSpanish were aided by the spread of smallpox, possessing superiorweapons, and the Aztecs native enemies.

What happened between the Spanish and Aztecs?

The Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes failed in his first attempt to control the Aztecs in 1520, after having defeated then allied with another Spanish force. He fled after taking Mocteczuma hostage and then killing him. He returned in 1521 and with the help of rival Tlaxcalan tribes took the city ( Full Answer )

What are some similarities of the Aztecs and Spanish?

There are, unfortunetly, virtually no simularties between the two cultures. they are both ruthless, but in economic, religious, political, and pretty much all other terms,zip.nada. the only significant simularity is there expansionist polocies. during this time, Spain has a major power, and fought ( Full Answer )

Why did the spanish invade the Aztec empire?

So they could take all the wealth from Mexico and bring it back to Spain. A reason the invasion happened was because the Spanish, after getting the Moors out of Iberia, had no where else to send it's elite army and all the other countries would have been hard to conquer.

What did the spanish think of Aztec sacrifice?

The Spanish thought that the Aztec's were crazy because they sacrificed living human flesh a held the human's beating heart up to the sky , then ironically burned thousands alive at the stake. - He called the gods devils and evil things. Conquistador Hernando Cortes retreated his statio ( Full Answer )

How did the Spanish influence the Aztec?

The Spanish influenced the Aztecs', cause the Aztecs thought they were gods and they praised them with gifts. The Aztecs' figured out they were not gods and the Spanish turned and conquered them! Thy gave them the small pox and diseases. Which this killed many Aztecs, not the spandereds cause the sp ( Full Answer )

What helped the Spanish in conquering the Aztecs?

1. They were more advanced. 2. They had better weapons and were better armored. 3. They had the help of nearby tribes that hated the Aztecs. 4. They brought over disease that the Aztecs did not have cures for.

How did the spanish interact with the Aztecs?

cause they wanted gold (mainly). it was also for glory, god (converting the people they met, the Aztecs, to Christianity), and to get more land for the Spanish.

How did the Spanish defeat of the Aztecs effect Spain overseas?

It effected Spain all right. They had gained control of one of mexicos most powerful sociatys. They had more land, lots of gold had been gained the Aztects being put as slaves in the gold mines and almost all of their culture destroyed by Spanish Missonarys...

How did the Spanish defeat Aztec and the Inca?

When Cristobal Colon came to America he brought diseases which decimated the populations of the Natives, As much as 95 percent of the indigenous population died as a result of the disease brought by Cristobal Colon. So by the time Hernan Cortez and Francisco Pizarro Came to conquer the Mexica/Inca i ( Full Answer )

What was a disadvantage the Spanish had in conquering the Aztecs?

The only significant disadvantage the Spanish conquistadors faced was the fact that they didn't know the land/geography as well as the Aztecs did. The Aztecs faced far more graver disadvantages like disease, lack of advanced weaponry, etc.

Who was the Spanish conquer of the Aztecs?

Hernan Cortéz led the expedition, but Francisco Pizzaro was the one who captured the emperor and killed the emperor himself Hope that helped (: ~Miekalovessharpies

What made the Aztecs sick of the spanish?

It was the Mexica who fought the Spanish not the Aztecs, but what made the Mexica sick of the Spanish was as soon as the Spanish got there they had a meeting with Motecuzuma of talks about peace, that's when the Spanish held Motecuzoma hostage and that's when the Mexica took up arms to defend themse ( Full Answer )

How did the Aztec and spanish cultures clash?

1. Religion The Aztec's religion based on human sacrifice horrified the Spaniards. When they arrived, the conquistadors attempted to change the Mesoamericans into Christians. 2. Warfare The different fighting styles on the battlefield created a very interesting fight. The Spanish aimed to kill, wh ( Full Answer )

What were the Aztec before they meet the Spanish?

Before they met the Spanish, the Aztecs were much healthier and happier, and controlled a large empire of (mostly) unwilling subjects. They called themselves Mexica (pronounced like " meshika ") before and Aztec after the Spanish.

Were the Aztecs Spanish?

The Aztecs were a tribe and empire in Mexico that were conquered by the Spanish under Hernan Cortes in 1521.

How did the Spanish change the Aztecs?

I am Spanish and Aztec myself! This is what happened, the Spanish had Jesus Christ, and the Aztecs had other gods. They fought, then the Spanish reached the Aztecs about God. Hello, I wanted to add this: One huge change the Spanish made among others was that they changed the Aztecs from a ruling tri ( Full Answer )

What did the spanish have that the Aztecs didn't?

The Spanish had horses, which the Aztecs had never seen before. The Spanish also had guns, cannons, iron, steel, and weapons made of these metals The Aztecs didn't have anything near the sort, and while still being fierce and great warriors, they couldn't withstand an attack with all these advanced ( Full Answer )

What were the negative effects the Spanish had on the Aztecs?

After three months of fighting, Cortes defeated the capital city ofthe Aztec Empire, Tenochtitlan. The emperor Cuauhtémoc was takenprisoner and executed later that same year, and Cortes became theruler of the expansive empire. The surviving Aztecs were highlysusceptible to European diseases previ ( Full Answer )