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Without being a dole or a handout it provided a job that put food on the table. Building roads, bridges and dams was rebuilding America. Planting trees was meaningful work that gave a man his dignity. The Work Projects Administration (WPA) and the Civilian Conservation Corps ((CCC) were performing tasks that improved the Nation's infrastructure and prepared for a better tomorrow. Young men were learning life skills, continuing their education and receiving hope for the future.

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What did some Americans question during the Great Depression?

What did some americans question during the great depression?

What types of radio programs were popular during the great depression?

During the Great Depression, comedies, dramas, and serial programs were very popular.

Is there anyone their who lived during the great depression?

There are many Americans who were alive during the depression.

How did FDR help the unimployed Americans durong the great depression?

he created many work programs for americans.... they also had public schools where they were taught how to spell during and unemployed. ahaha

What happened to African Americans in the 1930s?

As hard as it was to get a job and keep it during the depression, it was even harder for African Americans. Some were able to get jobs in federal programs in Northern cities.

What values did Americans have during the Depression?

Americans had many values during the Depression. Americans still valued family and experience despite the poor environment going on outside.

How were people in Alabama affected by the Great Depression?

many African Americans were discriminated in Alabama during the great depression many African Americans were discriminated in Alabama during the great depression

What was the homeless rate during the Great Depression?

the homeless rate during the great depression was nearly 25 percent of Americans.

These programs were designed to help people during the great depression?

The New Deal.

How did Americans feel when they lost their job during the great depression?


What did Mexican Americans do during the great depression?

They worked with farm workers.

What hardships did average Americans face during the great depression?

they kinda did

What was conditions like for African Americans during the Great Depression?

Conditions during the great depression was terrible people lost there jobs and the things they owned.

Why were many federal programs established during to the great depression?

i am sorry but i dont know the answer

What effect did the Great Depression have on minority groups such as Mexican and African Americans?

discriminatory practices worsened during the great depression.

What happened to Mexican Americans during the great depression?

Many Mexican-Americans were deportedto Mexico due to the discrimination

What was the significance of All you have to fear is fear itself to Americans during the depression?


How was life for Native Americans during the great depression?

your face that's what it is! ahaa

What happened to many Mexican Americans during the Great Depression?

They became sad

How many Americans had no job during great depression?

1/4 were unemployed

How many Americans were unemployed during the Great Depression?

During the height of the great depression there were 11,385,000 people who were unemployed. This was almost 25% of the entire work force population.

What problems did africans Americans face during the depression?

slums and unfair job oppertunities

What sort of actions were Americans taking part in during the great depression?


What organization was joined by tens of thousands of Americans during the great depression?

fmot @kinglikinktown

What did many Americans do during the Great Depression?

Move to another state in search of work...

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