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After the slaves were freed white plantation owners had to find new ways to work their land. They typically used three methods: sharecropping tenant farming and wage labor. Sharecropping was a common practice in the South. It involved a system where a tenant farmer usually a former slave would work the land in exchange for a share of the crops proceeds at the end of the harvest. The plantation owner would provide the land tools and supplies while the tenant farmer handled the labor. Tenant farming was similar to sharecropping but the tenant farmer was required to pay rent for the use of the land. This allowed plantation owners to maintain control of their land but it often left the tenant farmer in a difficult financial position. The third option was wage labor which involved hiring workers to work the land. This was the most expensive option but it allowed plantation owners to maintain more control over the land and the labor. In the end white plantation owners had to adjust their methods of working the land after the slaves were freed. Sharecropping tenant farming and wage labor were the three primary options available to them and each had its own pros and cons.

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Q: How did white plantation owners work their land after slaves were freed?
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How did white plantation owners think of slaves?

Owners thought of slaves as property that could be used (or abused) as they saw fit. How individual plantation owners thought of their slaves in terms of their humanity, would be as varied as the personalities and integrity of those owners was.

Why didn't white plantation owners let former slaves work as employees?


Plantation owners had white servants as well as slaves because they feared what?

Slave rebellions

What did plantation owners fear that led them to separate the white servants from black slaves?

Slave rebellions.

How did slavery define the structure of white southern society?

Slaves of the south were busy, hard workers of the white south plantation owners. In other words, slaves are used to help the white plantation owners do farming work in the fields all day from morning to the dawn. They were often beated with whips if they disobeyed.

What was one way plantation owners tried to prevent slave revolts?

Having white servants as well as slaves

Why did plantation owners prefer white servants and African slaves to American Indian workers?

Plantation owners did not use white servants and only had African American slaves. Native Americans were not used because they would simply leave. If an African American was found off the plantation without a pass he was taken into custody and all people who were black were slaves so they stood out in the population. It was easy to tell who was or was not a slave.

What happened when the slaves arrived in the Americas?

They were taken to slave auctions were they would then be sold to white people usually plantation owners.

Political and economic power in the southern colonies were dominated by?

Rich white plantation owners and they're control of slaves and cotton.

Who took advantage of the homestead act?

white Americans, freed slaves and immigrants

Why did the south support slavery?

For multiple reasons 1) Poor white farmers feared economic competition of four million freed slaves. 2) White plantation owners feared abolition would destroy the South's economy 3) Slaveholders believed that slaves were inferior and required White guardianship 4)Slavery was also condoned in the bible

Why do the owners put the slaves to work on the plantation?

because the white people(owners) didnt like sand,, they hated sand.. and black people are more stronger than white white people are lazy and are bratz!

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