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How do I make the fuel pump run continuously on a 1991 Lincoln Continental to empty the tank?

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Start with an almost empty tank, (if possible), as running the fuel pump continuously for an extended period of time may overheat and damage the pump. Otherwise follow these instructions, and give the pump a "rest" every few minutes. Disconnect the fuel line anywhere before the fuel regulator, (e.g., @ the fuel filter), turn ignition switch to "on" (not start), and this will allow the pump to run continuously

2008-03-02 18:40:03
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well, if my calculations r correct, behind the dashboard

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transmission issues, but could be the starter also if you had a rough start.

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if you need to disable it then go to the trunk and turn off the air system on the left side.

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check out the tech section on or follow the related links link below

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you prob have a hol some ware or your compresser is damaged you prob have a hol some ware or your compresser is damaged

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The fuse box is located next to the Hood Release. There is also another fuse box under the hood on the right side near the battery.

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