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How do I recharge the AC on 1995 Beretta?


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It will have to go to a garage with the correct equipment to evacuate the system and then recharge it, its not possible to do this at home.Hope this helps


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The ac recharge port is the low side port. It is on the hoses on the passenger side of the engine close to the belts.

How do i Recharge AC Unit for a 1998 Dodge Stratus

Connect a gauge to the low side ac port. Connect Freon to the gauge. With the ac running, open the valve and allow Freon to fill the system.

Take it to a garage that services ac. If it needs a recharge it must have a leak in the system.

Connect your Freon bottle to the low pressure port on your 1995 Lexus. Release the Freon into the air conditioning system.

you go to your local valvoline and i other wise its impossible unless you got the machines

How much refrigerant is needed recharge ac on a 2001 Pontiac montana

You should not have to recharge your system unless you have a leak. Other wise you do not need to recharge your system.

The Neon is charged with 134a refrigerant.The amount used and type of oil are important. Take it to a mechanic.

where is the ac recharge port on a 93 ford explorer located?

AC recharge port. is arms length down the left front of car on top of evaporaterator has a blue cap. Is very hard to reach your arm between the radiator and the motor to reach this port. You should get an extention for the recharge hose. I burnt my arm because you have to have the car running to actually put the 134a in.

Where is the AC recharge port on a 99 Mazda millennia supercharged

Looking at engine. front left side is blackplastic cap screw which is the low port that ac recharge kit hose will attach to. Should hav e L marked on it.

Where is the lower line in a 2004 trailblazer for the ac to recarge it

The AC recharge port on a 2004 GMC envoy is on the low pressure connection. It is the larger of two hoses near the firewall.

You can recharge the air conditioning compressor through the recharge ports. Connect the Freon hose to the recharge port. Release the Freon into the air conditioning compressor.

The AC recharge valve on a 2001 Chevy Impala 3.4L V6 is near the firewall. It is the larger of the two tubing.

How do you recharge the AC in a 2006 Jeep Liberty? I can't find the port.

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