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How do I remove the onboard computer in a 1993 Buick Century?

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Open glove box, remove all the screws that you see. After that if you want it to be easier, remove the fuse box screws and push it to the left. Now on the right side you'll see a silver box. There's a nut on each side that you have to remove. Then pull it out. Disconnect wires. Open small back compartment and pull out the long blue box. Put it in your new on. Then put back together. Get a Haynes book, it helps.

2008-04-14 23:23:41
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How do you remove the sun visor on a 1999 Buick Century?

how do I remove the sunvisors off a 1999 Buick Century

How to remove rear brakes on 1995 buick century?

u do it

What is a pom in a 2002 Buick century?

If you mean pcm- the computer.

How to Replace sun visor on a 2001 buick century?

how do you remove a sun visor on a 2001 buick regal

How do you remove a Buick Century tail light?

From the inside of the trunk..... You have to remove the inside to get to the bolts.... The there you go......

Install speakers 1997 Buick Century?

I have that car and you can remove them from the truck of the car.

How do you remove the interior door panel on a 91 Buick century?

Very Carefully

How do you remove the door panel on a 2000 Buick Century?

The 2000 Buick Century door panel is held in place with for retaining bolts and 10 retaining clips. Remove the retaining bolts and pry outward on the retaining clips.

How do you get in the trunk of a 1998 Buick Century that is missing the lock mechanism?

Remove rear seats

Where is the PCV valve on a 1990 Buick Century?

Under the alternator. You must remove the alternator to get to it.

Is it safe to remove the radiator cap on a 1999 Buick Century when the engine is cool?


How do you install fuel pump on 91 buick century?

You must remove the fuel tank.

Ignition module location on 1990 Buick Century?

You will find the ICM directly below the coils. Just remove the coils and you will be able to remove it. This is on a 1990 Buick Century V6 3300 engine. If you have a different engine I cannot confirm the location.

How do you remove cassette player from 1998 buick century?

well it is easy all you do is take a screwdriver n remove it easily

How do you change ignition switch on 1998 Buick century Do you have to remove the steering wheel?

do I remove steering wheel to change out ignition

When was Buick Century created?

Buick Century was created in 1936.

Where is the computer located in a 1997 Buick skylark?

The 1997 Buick Skylark computer is located behind the passenger side dashboard. You will need to remove the passenger side kick plate in order to access the computer.

How do you remove the drivers side interior door panel on a 1996 buick century?

Chain Saw

How do you remove the instrument cluster from a 1999 Buick Century?

Try this

How do you manually adjust idle speed 1990 Buick century?

May be computer controlled and not adjustable

How do you remove the brake rotors on a 1993 Buick Century?

Remove the tire, brake caliber and the rotor should side off the hub.

Where is the crankshaft sensor on 2001 Buick Century?

its right behind the harmonic you will have to remove the h.b them remove the crank sensor...

Where does the computer go on a 1998 Buick Century?

Remove the air filter hose and front cover, then remove the two screws on the top of the air filter box. The top will tilt away from you, then slide out. Under that is the computer (you can see where all the wires go in on the left side of the air filter assembly).

How do you replace a thermostat on a 2003 Buick Century?

Drain the radiator. Remove the top radiator hose on the 2003 Buick Century. Unbolt the hose inlet. Remove the inlet housing and take out the thermostat. Replace the thermostat, install the housing and top hose, and refill with antifreeze.

How do you remove the inside door handle of a 1995 Buick Century?

You have to remove the door panel...not easy, but do-able. Once that is off you can remove the door handle and replace it.