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Counter-Strike is an online multiplayer first-person shooter computer game. Created by the Valve Corporation, the game has become a popular game with many clans and communities. There are 3 popular modern versions: Counter-Strike 1.6, This category is for questions and answers about the computer games Counter Strike, Counter-Strike Condition Zero and Counter-Strike Source. CS:Source, being the most advanced and graphical of the three, is used in the Championship Gaming Series.

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Counter Strike

How do you play zombie mod in cs 1.6 offline?

You need to install AMX Mod X and a Zombie Mod Plugin to your listenserver.

A listenserver is the server your computer runs when you are playing offline singleplayer or anytime you create a server using your game client. Just install AMX Mod X to your listenserver (your game) just as you would to any server and install a Zombie Mod Plugin normally.

AMX Mod X has some good documentation on their site if you need any help.

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Counter Strike

Spraypaint image cs 1.6?


Counter Strike

How do you walk through walls on counter strike 1.6?

You cannot, but you may use noclip if you own the server.

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What is the name of the innocent gang character who can't see very well?


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Can you pick up droped weapons in combat arms online?

No its not possible i tried a bunch of times.I pressed all the buttons on my keyboard and got nothing.So yeah its not possible.

Counter Strike

How do you play pokemod on Counter Strike?

You need to instal AMX Mod on your server, then another package that includes the pokemod file.

Counter Strike

How do you defuse a bomb in counter strike source?

Holding the use key. Default is E.

Can be changed under options

Counter Strike

What are shells in counter strike?

Counter Strike

What is the maximum number of players in any mode?


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Where to download pivot car?

you can get it from droidz. thers heaps of stuff and there all awesome. heres the url: Add it to favourites to keep track of it.

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Is there an invincibility cheat code for resistance 2?

no, the closest you can get is some weird bug on bryce canyon campaign with superhuman difficulty and insane lags on multiplayer

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Counter Strike

How do you add bots in cs 1.6 you have tried to press h?

you must pressing number one and plus

Counter Strike

What are the ultimate cheats in 1.6 counter strike?

Undetected -

Unreal-Rage Public v7 vacEd

sPwnage Public v1.1

sPwnage Public v1.1 (2x)

Steam Hack v12.1

OGC Begins 3.2 Hook


Detected -


bi0sBase Lite Esp

Windows 7 Ring0 hack(x32)

Unreal-Stealth Public v6

Code 88


zen0m 1.0

ECC 5.2

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Counter Strike

How do you make the monkey kick really far in monkey kick off?

wait till the ball is highest then kick it.

Counter Strike

What are the common phrases used in counter strike?

Some voice commands:

  • The bomb has been planted.
  • The bomb has been defused.
  • Terrorists win.
  • Counter-Terrorists win.
  • Fire in the hole!
  • Stick together team.
  • I'll take the point.

Some popular chat words/phrases:

  • noob
  • you fail
  • AWP
  • no-scope
  • hacker

Event triggered plugin server vocals:

  • Humiliation
  • Headshot
  • Monster Kill
  • Double Kill
  • Ludacris Kill
  • Rampage
  • Killing Spree
  • Unstoppable
  • H4X00R
  • "I am... a one man lonely..."
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Counter strika 1.6 wall hak free download?


Counter Strike

How do you make objects movable in counter strike source for a wcs zombie cade server?

That's only for maps, when you create the map the owner of it has to make the objects moveable, If that's what your talking about.

Counter Strike

Is counter strike a bad and not good for your kids?

It was made for mature gamers and is not recommended for small children due to the violence.

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Where is Scribble on binweevils?

now he is at grime bin at the fountain that is every Sunday he is on

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Can my integrated graphic card run Counter Strike Source smoothly?

Without the specs it's hard to say, might run it smoothly on the lowest settings.

Check out the related links below which will help you determine performance requirements. Select the game from the list, let the test run and it'll tell you.

Counter Strike

What is the instalation password of counter strike 1.8?

cs 1.8 installation password

Counter Strike

Is the mp5navy more powerful than km ump?

Long-range, yes.

Short-range, no.

Counter Strike

What are advantage and disadvantage for playing counter strike?

-Removes boredom.
-Fun to play with friends.

Disadvantages (same with most video games):
-Can get addicting.

Counter Strike

In counter strike why do Professionals run with knives from their spawn areas?

For more speed

Counter Strike

How do you rescue people in counter-strike?

You press your "use" button (standard "E") when you stand beside a hostage, they will follow you to the Counter-terorists spawningpoint in the beginning of the map.


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