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Open the rear door[s] and on the section of the body covered by the door when it is closed, you will see two Phillips screws.After you remove those screws, press in the tabs immediately above and below those screws.At this point it is a good idea to close the doors if you have the 'barn door' style rear doors.The entire tail light assembly will rotate laterally about 45 degrees or so to the left for a left tail light and the right for the right side.Gently push the opposite edge of the light assembly toward the body of the vehicle.There are two tabs that fit into guide holes on the body of the vehicle.As you pull and or rock it gently you will be able to remove the entire light assembly.Once the light assembly is removed,remove the electrical cable wrap from the holding tab on the bottom of the light assembly to allow for some slack to the wiring.Whichever bulb is out,turn signal,tail light, or brake light,push in the clearly visible tab on the base of the bulb connector, and rotate the entire plastic connector about 45 degrees counter clockwise.Once the connector is freed from the tail light assembly you can remove the bulb by pressing inward on the tabs at base of the bulb, one on each side.Replace the bulb ensuring to snap the bulb base connectors to the bulb holder.Replace the bulb following the reverse directions,re-attach the electrical cable in the tab to prevent it flapping loose.Place the entire light light assembly in ensuring the retaining tabs click back into place.Replace the two Phillips screws slowly and the entire assembly will set back into place.A small gap between the body and the assembly is normal, it does not sit edge to edge.

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Q: How do I replace a 2001 suburban tail light bulb?
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Bulb is blown. Replace bulb.

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The tail light bulb on a 1999 Chevy Suburban is replaced by removing the retaining screws, pulling the bulb assembly away from the vehicle, and unscrewing the bulb. A new bulb can then be installed and the assembly screwed back in place.

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