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One of the best ways to do this is to file a "Petition to Break the Seal of Adoption." Once the legal seal is broken (the fee to do this yourself - known as "Pro Se" in the legal world - is around $100) you can then get a copy of your original birth certificate with your birth parents names. There will be a fee for that also, usually about $50. You will need to contact the courthouse where you were adopted (search for Family court, not criminal court - they are in different buildings in most states). Once you have the names of your birth parents, you can begin searching for them. If you are fortunate to live (be adopted in) the states of Kansas or Alaska, then there is no seal, so it is easier to get the original birth certificate. Most of the paperwork you have to file requires you to be the adopted person yourself. Unless you are an attorney, you can almost never do this for someone else. Lawyers usually charge anywhere from $2000 and up. So it probably is a good idea to do a lot of research and go "Pro Se." As I write this I am working on it myself. You probably have to be at least 18 years old. Also the paperwork and laws vary greatly - not just from state to state - but also because of the year you were adopted. Ask the Family court what forms you need and what fees and payment are required, and get them notarized. Some require you to put down a reason. The most common are to check for medical history or to establish contact. I would go with the "medical history" reason because it sounds more official, and who knows - you may actually find some medical information that could come in handy. I hope it works out for you. - Bruce S.

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Q: How do adopted children find their birth parents?
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Why do adopted children search for their birth parents?

They feel like they need to find them in order to feel like they belong again.

How do you find your birth family?

If you are adopted, you can try to find your birth family by asking your adoptive parents what they know of your adoption and by trying at access your original birth certificate. If you are not adopted, you already know your birth family.

Do people who are adopted have the legal right to know who their biological parents are?

it all depends on what kind of adoption it was.. open adoption means that birth parents have a right to search for their kids and kids have a right to search for their parents. but if its a closed or private adoption it means that some one (birth parents or adopted parents) don't want the child to find their birth parents... for that you would have to speak to a social worker or some one who is involved in the legal custody and adopted children...

How do children know if they are adopted?

If a child is older they know if they were adopted but the ones who are adopted as babies, and therefor have pictures, might never find out unless the parents tell or their parents or siblings try to find them.

How do adopted children find their biirth parents?

As an Adopted child I know all about the birth parent search. First adopted children should talk with their adoptive parents to get any info they can. Then if you have their names and maybe where they live/lived you can look online. On good place to really look would be facebook, they might be one there but NEVER take any action without your parents help and or a social workers help.

Can adopted kids legally know who their birth parents are?

I would say legally, they could find out from you or government, but I don't think you are required to tell an adopted child who their true parents are...

How many adopted children look for birth parents?

Everyone is curious and wants to know about, How they were adopted. And you have to let them know. It is not safe or healthy for you to keep there life a secret. Most kids who have seen there biological parents are okay and don't look for them, but those who don't know are more likely to try to find there parents.

What is the legal age of an adopted child to find and meet their birth family without consent of the adoptive parents?


Should Adopted Children find out about their Birth Parents?

Yes/No Situation. It's something an individual will want to know, to complete them. Without knowing, there will be an empty hole - a missing piece to the puzzle of you. On the other hand, your birth parents didnt want you, they left you. Does that not hurt? Why would you want to find them and interfere with your happy life?

How can you find out your parents place of birth?

First, ask them directly. If they are not present, or are unwilling to talk to you, or are not alive, then you can try to ask relatives. If, however, you are adopted, you can start with the place of your birth, and ask for your hospital records. This can contain information about your parents place of birth. Also, your birth certificate will usually indicate your parents place of birth.

Where can you find peer reviewed articles that show evidence that children who are raised by gay couples are more likely to grow up to be gay?

I'm sorry but there are no such articles. Research have shown that the children adopted by, or the biological children of gay parents are not gay or lesbian more than children of straight parents including adopted ones.

How can you find out who your grandfather is?

Ask your parents, aunts or uncles, or cousins. If you do not have such relatives to ask, then you will have to use the available records. Find your parent's birth certificates. These documents usually give the names of their parents. If you are adopted and do not know who your biological parents are, or one of your parents was, then you should contact one of the many organizations that help adopted childred in this kind of search.

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