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We really need to know which of the three possible engines you have, but here is a rough outline:If you have a 1.9 or a 2.0 SPI engine (not a 2.0 ZETEc)Jack up the RF corner of the vehicle and remove the RF wheel. Remove the front motor mount located on the rightfender apron and support the engine by the oil pan using a floor jack with a block of wood(You will now be able to jackthe engine up and down as you need to). Remove the serpentine belt and if there is a belt tensioner in the way of the timing cover, remove it too. Remove the crankshaft pulley and remove the timing cover. Remove the old belt, and it is recommended that you replace the water pump at this time as well. Line up the crankshft timing mark(the keyway will be pointing straight up), and line up the camshaft timing mark(an arrow cut into one of thewindows of the gear lines up witha dot on the cylinder head). Install the new belt onto the timing gears. Set the tensioner in place. Turn the engine over two complete rotations of the crankshaft, and then recheck the timing marks for correct alignment. (a little fussing getting the crank back in position is normal.) Getting the marks lined up right here saves a lot of do-over work!. Reasemble the cover, serpenting belt etc. in the reverse order as disassembly.

A 2.0 ZETEC engine requires special tools as there are no timing marks of woodruff keys for the camshafts.The valve cover has to come off, and a special alignment tool used to line up the cams.The crankshaft is lined up using a special tool inserted into the engine block through a holethat is exposed when a plug is removed.

AnswerIt can be difficult even with a strapwrench to get that damper pulley bolt tight during reassembly; without an impact tool. Be sure to use a dab of red locktite on the threads. I almost lost my damper and if the slot for the damper key on the crankshaft were damaged it would've necessitated replacement of the crankshaft!!! By design luckly (damper metal softer than key & crankshaft), all that was damaged was the damper... it was replaced.
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Q: How do change a timing belt on a 1996 escort?
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Are you having a problem with your timing CHAIN ?

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