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They get killed and butchered.

Cows rarely become steaks, normally young steers and heifers become steaks, depending on age and weight these animals may go to a wheat field in Kansas or a grass pasture in Texas. After a few months and a few trips across country these animals then may go to a feedlot. After the animal reaches a certain weight these animals then go to slaughter house after which they become steaks.

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How many steaks can you get out of 7 cows?

would need the weight of the cows and how thick you want your steaks

Do steak come from pig or cow?

Beef steaks come from cows. Pork steaks come from pigs.

What are beef cows used for?

We eat them, as in steaks, hamburger, roasts.

Is a cow a rib or steak?

Ribs and steaks come from cows.

Do cows or steers give steaks?

either, dosn't matter

Does steak come from a cow or a bull?

Steaks can come from both cows and bulls. But most often steaks come from steers and heifers, as cows and bulls tend to have too-strong-tasting meat to be used in steaks. Instead, they're best used as hamburger and sausages.

How many cows make a steak?

About 100 steaks per average cow.

What did Paul Bunyan eat for dinner?

Huge portions of cows, bacon, and steaks.

Do steaks only come from bulls?

No steaks can come from cows. And deer, and buffallo, and pigs (ham steak). And probably carribou and elk and moose. Steak can come from most large mammals .

Does steak come from cows?

Yes, but you can also cut steaks from venison (deer), buffalo, elk, etc.

How do you age steaks?

You can't age individual steaks - they are too thin and will become jerky rather than aged.

Is all beef steaks made out of cows?

Yes, cattle is the only meat producing animal that produces beef.

Do humans eat cows?

Yes, not all of them, but many. That is usually what steaks and hamburgers are made out of, and many people eat those. There are also people who are vegans or vegetarian, and those people don't eat cows.

Do werewolves become cows?


Can bulls be manipulated to become cows?


Why do cows miscarry?

Sometimes cows will have a miscarriage if they become very sick, mostly from brucellosis.

Do cows have best friends?

Yes, cows have best friends and they become very stressed if they are separated from them.

What are 30 products from dairy cows?

steaks hamburgers milk cheese cream cottage cheese cream cheese yogurt after that just name all the types of cheese

Are the cows given growth hormones and antibiotics that are processed by Omaha Steaks?

of course, how do you think they make burgers. some cows are just to skinny , so they fattten 'em up a bit..... well a lot. That's why there's so much beef today.

Are cows going to become extinct?

Cows are a domesticated animal and as long as man has a need for them, the cow has a fairly safe future. Humans will do all they can to protect that which has become a commodity.

Are beef burgers made of cows?

They certainly can be! Ground beef is made not only from cuts of beef not suitable for being made into steaks or roasts from steers but also from carcasses that are not suitable for being cut into steaks or roasts period. The latter more often than not comes from cows that are culled from the beef or dairy herd. Cows may "just" be used to produce milk, but don't let yourself get caught up in the belief that that's the ONLY thing they are used for. Even bulls and heifers can be turned into a beef burger. One hamburger patty can come from the meat of several different animals, steers, cows, bulls and heifers alike.

When was Geno's Steaks created?

Geno's Steaks was created in 1966.

Why do Farmers keep cows?

to sell the milk or to become healtie

Where can one get steaks by mail?

Omaha Steaks is the most popular company when one chooses to order steaks by mail. Some of the other companies include Kansas City Steaks and Allen Brothers.

How many 12 ounce steaks can you get from 15 pounds?

You can get 20 steaks.