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Check this page for links to various insurer's sites on this subject

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Will secondary private insurance pay deductible from the primary insurance?

Some will. Check with the secondary insurer.

When other insurers are initially liable for payment on a medical service or supply provided to a patient Medicare classifies them as the -----payer medicare secondary primary secondary or supplement?


How long does the secondary insurance carrier have to pay a bill once the explanation of benefits is received from the primary carrier?

Normally, the health care provider will collect primary and secondary insurance information from the patient at the time of treatment. The provider will bill both insurers, and the primary insurer will pay its share. Both insurers are subject to the "prompt pay law" of the State in question, and payment by the respective companies of their shares must be made within that period. Otherwise, there is at least a technical violation of the State's Insurance Code. The "prompt pay law" may provide that the late-paying insurer must pay interest on the late payment.

When other insurers are initially lialbe for payment on a medical service or supply provided to a patient medicare classifies them as the-------- payer?

"liable" ... The other insurer is the primary payor.

Does medicare as the secondary insurer pay for the deductible of the primary helath plan?

No. If you have a deductible with your primary carrier, you will have to pay the deductible first before Medicare will pay anything.

How do you determine which is the primary and secondary insurer if you and your spouse both have medical insurance coverage?

It goes off the month in which the parent was born! Who ever was born 1st is primary. It does not go off the age!

What is difference between primary and secondary?

Primary Means, it is individual there is no dependence, But Secondary will allays depends on Primary, If you want to do Secondary, you should complete primary first, There is no precondition to primary, but for Secondary Primary is the Precondition, first you should do primary, then only you are able to do secondary.

Are parrots primary or secondary consumers?


When other insurers are initially liable for payment on a medical service or supply provided to a patient Medicare classifies them as the payer?

Those other insurers would be the "primary" insurers.

What is primary and secondary victim?

primary: Raul Secondary: Julie

What is Primary demand and secondary demand?

primary and secondary demand

What are the three primary activities of a program?

Input, processing, output.

A transformer has 20 primary windings and 100 secondary windings If the secondary voltage is 25 V find the primary voltage?

Voltage on primary/Primary turns = Voltage on secondary/Secondary turns

Your husband has medicare and a health plan from his employer which plan should be the primary plan?

Where I work, the employer plan would be secondary and medicare would be primary. It might depend on how the company has it set up but I can't imagine any company today wanting to be the primary insurer.

What are the body's primary and secondary responses?

Primary is IgM and secondary is IgG

Is a grassland a primary or secondary succession?

is the grass lands primary or secondary

How are secondary color related to primary colors?

Secondary colors are colors that are made from primary colors EX: Primary- red, blue =secondary- purple Primary- blue, yellow =secondary - green etc.

How does the current in the secondary of a transformer compare with the current in the primary when the secondary voltage is twice the primary voltage?

The current in the secondary when the voltage is twice the primary, will be one half the primary.

Is Secondary succession can happen after primary succession or independently of primary succession?

Secondary succession can happy after primary succession . Secondary can be independent but is not usually independent from primary succession.

What relationship exists between primary and secondary voltages and turns?

The relationship between the number of primary and secondary turns of a transformer is the same as the relationship between the primary input voltage and the secondary output voltage: primary turns/secondary turns = primary voltage/secondary voltage

Why do insurance companies need reinsurance?

Reinsurance is essentially insurance for an insurer. That is, it is insurance which the primary insurer (one that issues policies directly to the public) buys to ensure that it has sufficient funding to pay expected claims that may be incurred during the policy period. State insurance regulators require that primary insurers have and maintain sufficient levels of capital and reserves to pay expected claims. Depending upon the amount of capital and reserves, the insurer is permitted to issue a stated dollar amount of primary insurance. One of the ways that the primary insurer can meet the statutory requirements, other than by having all capital and reserves in cash or cash equivalents, is through a reinsurance structure that is approved by the financial authorities of the state insurance regulator.

When talking about a computer what does secondary mean?

Secondary simply means not primary. That is, primary comes before secondary.

What happens when secondary ad primary consumers die?

When primary and secondary consumers die secondary rebuilds

Is a lion a secondary consumer or primary consumer?

Lions are secondary consumers. They feed on primary consumers.

How do you figure out what the primary amperage is if all you know is the primary and secondary voltage and secondary amperage?

Primary amperage is secondary amperage times secondary voltage divided by primary voltage. This ratio is the same as turns ratio.