How do farmers grow corn?


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Corn is grown by first seeding the corn seeds via seeder in the feild. The type of seeder varies per farm; air seeder, disc/packer seeder, etc. Kernels are placed around 6 inches apart with row spacing of 12". Then nature pretty much takes over, provided the corn is planted early enough in spring so that it gets enough growing days, sunlight and moisture to grow. Herbicides and pesticides may need to be sprayed when the corn plants are in their 3 to 4-leaf stage. (Different herbicides have different recommended times that crops should be sprayed; some with plants at a young stage, others when plants are nearing flowering. This all depends on the species of crops being sprayed though.) Corn can be harvested when the cobs are fully filled out or when the kernels are in the doughy stage (the kernels, when squeezed between the fingers, have a doughy feel to them), or when they are at the hard dough stage.


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Iowa farmers produce about 18% of the US supply of corn annually, and about 7% of the total world supply.

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