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How do girls get a good man?

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A nice sweet girl can always get a good man because a good man really seeks a nice girl. Water seeks it's own level. Like attracts like. People seek others with the same values. Conversely, "screwed up" girls get guys who are "jerks" and wonder why. A good guy will not get serious with a girl who is "screwed up".

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Of course they will, if it's a girl that is good hearted, and if the man in question is a man worth being with in spite of the disability Lots of Love, Em

What kind of man all girls want?

Usually a guy that's not self-centered, a rather good lookin guy, a man that's willing to talk to the girls and really care about the chick and her emotions, and a guy that puts her as his top priority, girls always want to feel wanted.

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Making conversation with girls?

Making a convo with girls is easy! All you have to do is walk right up to them and say hi. Then think of something to talk about. BE BRAVE! Girls hate wimpy little kids who stammer and stuff in front of them. They want a man! A man that will protect them. The easiest way to get to know a girls is to become someone they can trust! Then once you are really good friends, ask her out! its that simple!

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What are the qualities of a good man?

The Qualities Of A Good Man.... * A good man is one who is kind and compassionate. * A good man is honest and hard working. A good man will tell you the truth. * A good man has self control and is respectful when he speaks to any women. * A good man is willing to be corrected or counseled by you. * A good man is faithful and reliable, he is able to forgive you when you do wrong. * A good man is humble, generous and is a peacemaker as well. * A good man knows how to control his temper and has concerns for others. * A good man stays confident of himself. * A good man fears God and is obedient to his word. * A good man is not a jealous man. * A good man always has a positive outlook on life...

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How do say good girls in Hebrew?

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Why does a man sleep with two girls?

for the power of having 2 girls at once

Why does a girl spent time looking in the marrior?

Girls like to look good. And if girls don't look good they feel insecure. Girls feel that looks is all a man looks for. And they feel that they have to look in the mirror to make sure there is nothing they could make look any better. (makeup, hair, teeth, etc.)

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