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How do hurricanes and cyclones affect the surface of the earth?

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Hurricanes may move debris and water droplets causing there to be a minor change in the earths surface.

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The rotation of hurricanes is related to the?

"The rotation of hurricanes is related to the?".... The rotation of the earth and the winds generated by friction as the earth rotates within our atmosphere; much the same as water "rotates" in opposite directions when above or below the equator, so do Hurricanes and Cyclones.

How do earthquakes affect the surface of earth?

earthquakes affect the surface of the earth by cracking or opening the surface of the earth or by changing it in many different ways

What will cause a quick change in earth surface?

Earthquakes, hurricanes ,and weather

How do hurricanes change the Earth's surface of the Earth?

they smash everything in there path and mess up the earth

What are the most violent storms that occur on earth?

The most violent type of storms on earth are tornadoes. The next most violent are tropical cyclones (hurricanes,typhoons, etc.)

Can a cyclone cause tsunami?

no. cyclones can not cause tsunami as it comes only on surface and not below the earth surface. It does not disturb the tectonic plates

Is there a hurricane on Jupiter the plant?

No, "hurricanes" are the name given to a type of tropical storm on Earth. There are lots of rotating atmospheric structures on Jupiter, the most famous is the "Great Red Spot". but these are not hurricanes, typhoons or cyclones.

How do the motions of the Earth affect us?

Day and night, plus the seasons. The rotational direction of cyclones.

How does lava affect the earth surface?

it adds land to the surface

What makes up the surface?

earth quakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, etc.

How does rain affect the surface of the earth?

rain fallas on the earth

What damage do cyclones do?

cyclones can cause great damage for earth

Are there any hurricanes tornadoes whirlpools or any kind of storms like that on Jupiter?

There are rotating cyclones and anticyclones on Jupiter, but they are a bit different from any storm found on Earth.

How does the surface of the earth affect human activities?

The surface of the earth is everything for human activities. Just think of how mountain ranges, jungles, forests, rivers, and climate affect who can live where and how they do it.

What is the impact of cyclones on the lithosphere?

The impact of cyclones to the lithosphere is that the land and earth is being destroyed. The cyclones wreck forests, and houses.

How does gravity affect the earths surface?

how does gravity affect earth? you better not ask! it affects the earths surface by making all objects stay on the earths surface.

Does the sun cause sea breezes?

Heating of the atmosphere, mainly by re-radiation from the earth, causes the winds. So yes. Additionally evaporation from the water surface embodies an enormous amount of heat energy into the atmosphere due to the latent heat of evaporation, and when this is cools it can release this energy as cyclones and hurricanes.

Do earthquakes and glaciers change the earth surface?

yes they do and so do glaciers, hurricanes, tornadoes and many other things

Where are hurricanes least likely to happen?

Hurricanes, Cyclones and Typhoons (they are all the same thing) dissiape enormous amounts of energy. On Earth this energy comes from the Sun and the Sun;s energy stored in Sun warmed waters in the the Tropics. Therefore Hurricanes are a feature of tropical oceanic regiones. Thus the poles and the centre of continents are areas where hurricanes are least likely to happen.

How does earth affect surface area?

the plates move so it is the movement of the plates in the earth

Where in the world do you get hurricanes?

Hey there, Most hurricanes are formed in three major areas of the Earth, the North West Pacific Ocean, the South Pacific and Indian Oceans, and the Mid Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. Hurricanes tend to be seasonal. They usually have peak times during particular months of the year, depending on where you live. And also...Hurricanes are not called hurricanes in every region of the world. In the Pacific Ocean, hurricanes are called typhoons. In the Southwest Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, hurricanes are known as cyclones.

How does energy from earths interior cause changes to earths surface?

due to volcanics effects and movement of earth which affect the earth surface

How does ozone in the stratosphere affect life on the Earth's surface?

The ozone in stratosphere affects the life on earth. It protects and shields the surface of earth.

How do storms affect earth?

they can weather and erode the earths surface

How do the surface features of the sun affect earth?

heat i think