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How do i remove the dome light cover in a 2007 ford explorer?


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how do i remove the dome light cover on a 2007 Ford Explorer suv

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Using a small screwdriver break the cover up into little pieces until it comes off.

The fuse panel in a 2007 Ford Explorer is located below the steering wheel. To get to it, simply slide your hand under the dash, and you will feel the cover.

Under the silver cover on the valve cover. You remove it with 10mm socket.

Begin by removing the decorative radio cover in your 2007 Chevy Silverado. Remove the radio retaining screws. Slide the radio out and remove the wiring harness.

You must remove the tail lamp assembly to replace the bulbs, Open the liftgate, there are 2 screws on the inside edge of the light, with the 2 screws removed pull the tight straight back to remove it. There are 2 locking pins on the right side of the light which may take some effort to release.Source:

Underneath the pasenger seat. Unclip the cover, remove cover, and unscrew the wingbolt holding the jack.

The 2007 Ford Explorer has 12 valves.

Open the hood, remove the rubber cover for the high beam bulb (inboard bulb, closer to the radiator), remove high beam bulb and next to it inside the light assembly is the position light bulb. Using a pair of long and 45degree needle nose pliers gently grab the position light bulb socket and pull it straight out! Do not pull on wires and I had to remove my air filter box cover to get my big hands behind the light assembly! Bulb is a W5W, buy it before starting this job!

The 2007 Ford Explorer has a 5-speed automatic.

The 2007 Ford Explorer is a gas-powered vehicle.

You remove the derby cover (the large round cover on the left side of the bike) and fill there.

Remove the decorative stereo retaining cover. Remove the stereo retaining screws. Slide the stereo out and remove the wiring harness and the antenna cable.

The cast of The Explorer - 2007 includes: Karen Bullis as Nurse Brett Bullock as The Explorer

Remove oil filler tube cap....then Wiggle and pull straight up.

I'm not a mechanic / technician but from drawings I was looking at for the 2007 Ford Explorer , 4.0 , SOHC , V6 engine ( it looks like the electrically heated PCV valve is located on the end of the drivers side engine valve cover , between the back end of the valve cover and the firewall )

The 2007 Ford Explorer has a 23.8 degrees angle of departure.

The curb weight of the 2007 Ford Explorer is 4440 lbs..

The 2007 Ford Explorer is 16 ft. 1.4 in. (193.4 in.) long.

The 2007 Ford Explorer has a 28.2 degrees angle of approach.

The 2007 Ford Explorer runs on regular unleaded.

The maximum payload of the 2007 Ford Explorer is 1520 lbs..

The height of the 2007 Ford Explorer is 6 ft. 0.8 in. (72.8 in.).

The 2007 Ford Explorer has single overhead cam (SOHC).

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