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How do install an aftermarket oil pressure gauge?


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2010-04-27 02:49:13
2010-04-27 02:49:13

most newer cars use an electrically controlled oil pressure sensor and gauge. aftermarket gauges use a plastic hose line connected to the oil pressure sensor port to the back of the gauge to directly measure the oil pressure. the only drawback may be , when you disconnect the wire from your original oil sensor, your oil light on the dash may stay on. If you can live with that, first locate your oil sending unit, your local auto parts store should be able to help you with that. Remove the oil sending unit. the trick now is to find the proper threaded adapter to connect the fitting that came with your installation kit to the threaded hole in the block, where you just removed the oil sending unit. Either find a suitable hole in the firewall or drill a hole in the firewall , and feed the plastic or steel line through the firewall and into the back of the new gauge. Make sure you properly tighten the fittings on both the engine, and the gauge, as oil pressure can measure anywhere from 15 to 80 pounds per square inch. It's going to make quite a mess if that hose pops off because of a loose fitting. Where you mount the gauge is going to take a little creativity, but try to mount it where you can easily read it, but not where it will interfere with your ability to safely operate your vehicle.


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Connect the wiring harness to the back of your oil pressure gauge. Secure the oil pressure gauge with the retaining screws.

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Six-year the oil pressure gauge for your 1999 Mitsubishi eclipse with the retaining screws. Connect the oil pressure gauge wiring harness.

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Do you mean an oil pressure gauge? Not tach?

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