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First of all, the question should have been: How was Monument Valley formed? Monument Valley (U.S.A.) is made from sandstone and is an ancient seabed. Exposure to the atmosphere and weather has gradually, over millions of years, eroded much of the soft sandstone, leaving the slightly harder portions standing. The erosion is still ongoing but rather slow, so in a few more million years Monument Valley will be just a flat desert, assuming that the world's climate does not change sufficiently to turn the area into more fertile land. Global climate changes are a natural phenomenon, and there are some good examples to prove this: Alaska is currently very cold, and Saudi Arabia is a hot desert. Both have large oil reserves, but all crude oil originates from plant matter, namely ancient trees that grew in swampy rainforests (the water stops fallen trees rotting too quickly). As new layers of matter are deposited on top of the dead forest the pressure compacts the wood first into coal and later into oil. Nowadays there is no sign of such forests in either of the two countries in my example, but the oil is there. This means that long time ago Alaska had a tropical climate, and Saudi Arabia received plenty of rain! So the future of Monument Valley is quite hard to predict; it might even become a sea bed once more, and there is no politician who could stop this happening regardless of how much tax is levied on the population of the world...and all politicians know this!

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Q: How do monument valley has been formed?
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