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How do monument valley has been formed?

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First of all, the question should have been: How was Monument Valley formed? Monument Valley (U.S.A.) is made from sandstone and is an ancient seabed. Exposure to the atmosphere and weather has gradually, over millions of years, eroded much of the soft sandstone, leaving the slightly harder portions standing. The erosion is still ongoing but rather slow, so in a few more million years Monument Valley will be just a flat desert, assuming that the world's climate does not change sufficiently to turn the area into more fertile land. Global climate changes are a natural phenomenon, and there are some good examples to prove this: Alaska is currently very cold, and Saudi Arabia is a hot desert. Both have large oil reserves, but all crude oil originates from plant matter, namely ancient trees that grew in swampy rainforests (the water stops fallen trees rotting too quickly). As new layers of matter are deposited on top of the dead forest the pressure compacts the wood first into coal and later into oil. Nowadays there is no sign of such forests in either of the two countries in my example, but the oil is there. This means that long time ago Alaska had a tropical climate, and Saudi Arabia received plenty of rain! So the future of Monument Valley is quite hard to predict; it might even become a sea bed once more, and there is no politician who could stop this happening regardless of how much tax is levied on the population of the world...and all politicians know this!

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What state is monument valley in?

The Monument Valley is in Utah.

What is a canyon or a V shaped valley carved by?

A V-shaped valley has been formed by a river. A U-shaped valley has been formed by a glacier.

Is monument valley a national park of Utah?

No it is a National Monument. The only thing there is a Monument valley Navajo tribal park

What is the driving distance from page to monument valley?

About 121 miles to Monument Valley, AZ.

When was Death Valley National Monument created?

Death Valley National Monument was created in 1933.

What is the diffrance between U-shaped valley and V-shaped valley?

Type your answer here... It is the way the valley has been formed. it might have been formed by a glacier or river.

Is Monument Valley a desert?

Monument Valley is located in the Colorado Plateau Desert in the Four Corners region of the United States.

How did Monument Valley get its name?

Because many of the rock formations appear to have been man made from a distance.

You can visit Monument Valley in?

Both Arizona and Utah.

Where is the monument valley?

in southern utah close to arizona

What type of valley is formed by a glacier?

A 'U' shaped valley is formed by a glacier as opposed to a 'V' shaped valley which are formed by rivers.

How was central valley formed?

Central Valley formed when the mountains around it rose.

How was the rift valley formed?

The rift valley was formed when the continents divided it split open a large area in Africa and formed The Great Rift Valley.

What is driving distance between Monument Valley and Halls Crossing?

The driving distance from Oljato-Monument Valley, UT, USA to Halls Crossing, UT 84533, USA is 111.95mi / 180.17km

How is death valley formed?

Death Valley was formed by the wind carrying the sand and then it landed and formed the sand dunes

How do you get Motor storm Monument Valley on Motor storm Pacific Rift?

Motorstorm Monument Valley and Motorstorm Pacific Rift are two different games! You can't play them both at the same time! If you're asking about the microbadge, you just have to play Motorstorm Monument Valley. If you haven't got it, you can ask a friend who has it to give you the microbadge.

What is the phone number of the San Juan County Library Monument Valley Branch in Blanding?

The phone number of the San Juan County Library Monument Valley Branch is: 435-678-2335.

Where is the Harry And Mike Goulding Museum Ltd in Monument Valley Utah located?

The address of the Harry And Mike Goulding Museum Ltd is: Po Box 360001, Monument Valley, UT 84536

How was the Yosemite Valley formed?

It was formed by glaciers

How was Death Valley formed?

by the wind carrying dead bodies into a pit forming a valley, hints the name "death valley" Death Valley is a block of land that has been dropped between parallel faults. It dropped so far that Death Valley is the lowest point in the United States. So, death valley was formed when it was dropped between parallel faults.

Where is the San Juan County Library Monument Valley Branch in Blanding located?

The address of the San Juan County Library Monument Valley Branch is: 25 West 300 South, Blanding, 84511 3829

What California valley was formed by a glacier?

The Yosemite Valley is one such valley, but there are many.

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