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Big Screen's Affect on SocietyMovies can affect society in many ways

For example many movies can affect peoples beliefs and ideals for example the movie the passion of the christ strengthened peoples beliefs in god or Jesus whereas some Jewish people around the world found the film offensive and anti semetic.

There is also the topic of Horror movies and violent movies make people loose their grip on reality and develop mental health issues and in some cases act out what they see in a movie. This is why some movies get bad publicity and wind up getting banned but the irony is that because its banned and gets bad press more people will want to go and see it therefore establishing a cult fanbase if you will.

For others it just shows people about the what ifs of the world, fantasy being put on film to help people escape reality for about and hour and a half.

so as you see some movies can have big effects on society by being controversial, by being heartwarming and sometimes just to entertain the public.

anyway that's just my stance hope i could help john


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Q: How do movies affect society?
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