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How do replace thermostat on 2004 Chevy Impala?


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Partially drain the radiator down . Remove the upper radiator hose at the engine end. The housing is where the thermostat is located. Remove the two bolts and clean Both surfaces. Install the new thermostat.

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It is at the engine end of the top radiator hose.The housing is the thermostat housing and the thermostat is located therein.


A thermostat is only $7-20 depending on the name brand.

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The thermostat is located in the housing at the engine end of the top radiator hose.

It is a brass fitting on the top of the thermostat housing.

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Drain the radiator down 1/2 way. At the engine end of the top radiator hose is the thermostat housing. Remove the housing and install a new thermostat.

The Chevy Impala did not come out in 2004. The eighth generation Impala came out in 2000 and then the ninth generation Impala came out in 2006. The tenth generation is expected for 2014.

Drain the radiator. The thermostat is in a housing connected to the water pump. Remove the housing to replace the thermostat and gasket.

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The thermostat on a 2004 Chevy Venture is changed by draining the radiator, removing the upper radiator hose, and unbolting the thermostat housing. The old thermostat and gasket can then be removed and replaced.

If it's an automatic you will have to remove the exhaust manifold because the thermostat is located on the backside of the engine on the driver's side under the exhaust manifold.

Your local Chevy dealer should be able to get you one.

No, you will have to order one from your Chevy dealer.

Drain the radiator into a container. Remove the top radiator hose at the engine. Remove the 2 bolts holding the thermostat housing and remove the thermostat. Clean both surfaces and install the new thermostat. Reinstall the upper radiator hose and the coolant.

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