How do you Remove rear tail light 1998 suburban?

Open the rear doors and secure them so you don't get hit by them while you do this. Look in the sheet metal directly behind the tail light assembly you wish to fix. There should be two rubber plugs; if so, remove them to gain access to the bolts that hold the tail light assembly. I would recommend a magnetic tool, as these bolts can slip and fall into the crevices back there! Rotate the assembly away from the body. If you try to pry the unit off, you will break the mounting tabs located in the forward portion of the tail light assembly. This means you have to grasp the inside part of the assembly that is closest to the middle of the 'burban and rotate them forward towards the front of the vehicle. For example, the rear passenger side tail light assembly would be rotated out in a counterclockwise motion towards the fromt of the vehicle. Unscrew the light bulb holder assembly and remove the bad bulb. Replace it with an exact replacement, and use the dielectric grease! It keeps out the water and prevents the corrosion of the bulb contacts. Hope this helps!