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How do you access the trans-axle filler plug on a 96 model drained it before verifying how it could be refilled - Help?

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May 18, 2010 1:47AM

there is no refiller plug! you have to replace the transmission fluid by using the dipstick spout, careful not to overfill! check as you go ( maybe 3 or 4 qts) or just check dipstick after 1 or 2 qts.

And the dipstick spout is where actually, because i think mine is invisible. Trans Axle access. There is no dip stick. The drain plug is on the drivers side with a Allen 20 or 25 socket with a long handle ratchet close to the rear bottom sub frame. The access to the filler plug is above that using a 13/16 or equivalent in MM. box end wrench remove the plug. I used a 1/4" clear hose . Stuck it threw the level plug on the Driver side firewall (if you can get your hand down there). Before you tackle this Don't wear sleeves or a Watch you'll get hung up and also place a 3/4 inch scrap board or plywood over the upper header to the valve cover or you'll crush the radiator, Most of this is done above. Then locate the Level Plug with a Flash light and watch your fill and I used 80-90W. My daughter has 200.000 Mi. So that's why I went to a heavier grade or oil. The dealers manual recommended ATF on the Earlier Mdls. that was what took my daughters CV Joints bushings out. Ron