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There will be a plug on top rear of the transmission close to where it bolts to the engine. Use a funnel to pour it in with. Don't expect promising results, though.

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Q: How do you add Lucas Transmission Slip Stop to a 99 Grand Am SE 3.4 V6?
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Ford explorer sport track transmission delayed engagement?

It is most likely a transmission slip, there is not much you can do to fix it your best bet is Lucas Stop Leak. While your transmission isn't leaking this will lessen the slip a bit. You will have to consider replacing the transmission after this one goes.

Will changing your transmission fluid stop the transmission from slipping?

not usually,sometimes you get lucky and it will for a while. most of the time if a transmission has started to slip the damage is already done.

How do you stop transmission slippage in a 1984 Mercedes 190E?

A minor slip or occasional slip can either be reduced or eliminated by purchasing a bottle of 'LUCAS' brand transmission slip reducer. The reason transmissions may slip is because a small piece of grit, metal, sand, etc....has entered inside the case where the sensitive gears are working. This 'thunk' or 'clank' happens when the transmission gears (arms / rods) get stuck then slip loose. hear the clunking sound when they break free from the bind the foreign object has caused. LUCAS helps to keep things slippery. Its about $11-$14 in most auto parts stores. They make a myriad of other wonderful products for your car and I've used 3 of them and have improved both performance and gas mileage both.

Why does your car make a large thud when you take off from a stop position?

worst case, transmission is slipping and its turning before the gear catches. try lucas transmission stop slip if so. also you could need motor mounts, if your mounts are bad when the transmission goes into gear it moves the engine first and will also make a thud type of sound. take the car to your local tech and have them inspected.

How do you tell if your transmission is going bad in a 93' Grand AM Will it stall after run at high speed and then coming to a stop?

It might not be going bad but,whens the last time you change the trany.filter start with the cheep fix frist or some no slip oil

Why does my Pontiac Grand Prix occasionally stop running at stop light and starts again after 20-30 minutes.?

get your transmission modulator replaced

How do you tell if you have transmission problems?

At times the odometer will stop working, then it will shift hard. 1994 Dodge Grand Caravan

How do i fix my grand prix gtp from second gear slipping?

Sadly, you will need a rebuild or a new/used tranny. You can try the Lucas Transmission oil, it claims to stop slipping, but did not work in my 97 Malibu. I ended up trading it off, too expensive to fix.

How can you stop a transmission leak on 97 VW Cabrio you had the transmission rebuilt. What if the warranty has expired?

now unless u want a perfessional job i would look for a product called "lucas" i bet my life on it.

Audi a4 1.8 turbo the transmission slips from a dead stop to 20 mph then doesnt slip until stop again how can this be fixed?

It sounds to me that you have problems at the transmission and more specifically to the internal cluthes and bands... Sorry it sounds like a very expensive issue.

92 subaru loyale jerking missing when driving between 2500-3000 rpm 5 speed traninew plugs wires cap rotor tps and it does not always only occasionally?

sounds like your tranny is slipping, try Lucas Transmission Stop Slip, if it doesnt help, then your trans probbably needs rebuilt.

What is a clutch?

It's the part that connects the engine to the transmission, and is activated by the clutch pedal inside the car. It's a set of metal disks that 'clutch' or grab onto each other to allow some slip between the engine and transmission. This slip is what lets the car start from a dead stop without killing the engine.

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