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How do you adjust a hydraulic clutch on a 1990 Honda Prelude?


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You can bleed it though if the pedal is just low. Check the master and slave cylinders for leaks too.

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The 1986 Honda Prelude does not have a clutch cable. The 1986 Prelude has a hydraulic clutch instead of the clutch cable.

I think you mean hydraulic clutch. I believe your model is hydraulic.

You can't aprrently on a hyrdraulic clutch, which these have that adjust automatically.

You can't, it's self adjusting hydraulic clutch.

Does a 1998 Honda prelude have a clutch cable

If there is a hydraulic master cylinder at the clutch lever (looks like the front brake) then...NO.

There is no fluid in the system or master cylinder/slave cylinder failure (hydraulic). Cable streched or broken (if not hydraulic).

How to you syncronize a 1984 honda prelude carburator?

can we adjust the clutch on honda civic 1999

No, slipping is not affected by low hydraulic fluid level. The hydraulics of your clutch only DISENGAGE your clutch, they do not engage it. If it's slipping, it's either worn out, the pressure plate springs have weakened or you have oil on the clutch disk.

Depends on the year. All Accords' made after 1989 have a hydraulic clutch.

If it will go into gear when the engine is off but not when the engine is running, the clutch is not disengaging. It could be the clutch, possibly warped or put in wrong, or it could be the hydraulic clutch mechanism.

If your replacing the clutch you shouldn't need to bleed anything. But you probly should adjust it, I'm prety sure the 86 has a cable clutch, which is easy to adjust. if you happen to have a hydrolic clutch you should bleed it just to make sure.

There is no adjustment on a GL1500 clutch.

If it is hydraulic, there is no adjustment, just make sure no air is in the line. If it is cable, then there should be a screw at the clutch lever which will tighten the cable. If the clutch really slips, then, well, plates will have to be replaced.

it uses the same for the hydraulic clutch as it does for the brakes.

You have 2 switches A and B above clutch petal under dash has clutch master cylinder adapters. Here is the info from their page: "The new master cylinder adapter allows the use of a Honda-style or Wilwood clutch master cylinder to convert a cable transmission vehicle to a hydraulic setup."

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The Honda CRX features a cable type clutch and therefore does not have fluid. The CRX Del Sol however features a hydraulic assembly and does.

85 Lude, old school cable clutch... No hydraulics (fluid)

No it's cable clutch. Well at least in mine. 99' Honda Civic EX model

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