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Locate the screw directly on the clutch cable. Adjusting this screw will tighten or loosen the clutch on the motorcycle depending on which you need.

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How do you adjust the carburetor on a Yamaha vstar 650 motorcycle?

Go to you'll find a rejet and adjustment there.

What can cause a v star Yamaha 650 have front end vibration?

How do you adjust tbe clutch on a yamaha vstar

Yamaha vstar 650 motorcycle backfiring?

check the carberauter

Does a vstar transmission and motor share oil?

yes. wet clutch.

What is correct oil for vstar 1300 motorcycle?

My Yamaha vstar 650 motorcycle won't hold a charge?

You might have a bad battery they arent very expensive

How do you adjust idle carbuatoron 2002 Yamaha 650 vstar?

Under the tank on the left side next to the fule lever.

How do you remove seat from Yamaha vstar 650 classic silverado?

remove bolt on the back of passenger seat, pull that back and out. Then driver seat just pulls back and out as well.

Valve clearance 2007 vstar 650?

valve clearance for vstar 650

How much horsepower does a Yamaha VStar 250 have?

The Yamaha VStar 250 has about 21 horsepower. The Honda Rebel has about 17.

How do you remove the seat of a Yamaha vstar 1100 motorcycle?

Remove the 10mm bolt from behing the rear seat. Then pull the rear seat it hooks to the front seat in the front. Remove the bracket there and pull the front.

Will 1100 vstar coils work on a 650 vstar?

Will v star 1100 coils work on 650 v star

How fast is a Yamaha vstar 650?

93 mph on my 2002 v star Yamaha custom

What is horsepower of a vstar 1300?

76 hp

What is the horsepower of a vstar 950?

54 at 3000 rpm

Where is the Carburetor on a Yamaha vstar 1100?

under the gas tank

What color wire goes on what post on a rectifier on a 2000 Yamaha vstar 1100 classic?

The blue color is an example of the color used on a rectifier on a 2000 Yamaha Vstar 1100 classic.

Where is the rectifier on a vstar 1100 custom?

The rectifier-regulator on a 2000 vstar 1100 classic is located on the right side of the bike. On the rear of the engine there is a large chrome cover the rectifier is behind this cover.

2003-yamaha 650 v star - spark plug gap?

the gap is .035 thou for a 1999 650 vstar the gap is .035 thou for a 1999 650 vstar

What oil should you use in a 2001 v star 1100?

On my 2007 vstar 1100 custom the recommended is 20/50 or 10/40. unless the weather is really hot, the service tech recommends 10/40. make sure it is for motorcycles with a wet clutch.

Is motor on 2002 Yamaha vstar 650 air cooled?


Does 2000 Yamaha vstar 650 have a speedometer light bulbs?


What is the proper fuel pressure for vstar 650?

2- 3 pounds....

Is it a good idea to remove the baffles from a 07 Vstar?

no , it will start to back fire

Floats on Yamaha 650 vstar carburetor?

Floats on Yamaha 660 how you fix

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