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I own one, you can adjust it. There are two adjustment screws, one for each jet, but they are hidden behind a seal, you have to drill through a plastic like cap that cover the adjustment screws, email me for more specific details.

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 18:34:19
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Q: How do you adjust the carb on an 83 Chevy Caprice?
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What year Chevy caprice is compatible to a 83 Chevy Impala?


How do you install the throttle position sensor on a 83' caprice?

Assuming you have a 305 V8 with a Rochester Quadrajet carb. You will have to pull the carb, and tear it apart. The TPS sits in a groove in the front of the carb body. Buy a carb rebuild kit, watch the Youtube videos on rebuilding quadrajets, and do it. I just rebuilt my carb over the weekend. My 83 Caprice now runs great.

Why would you have to pump gas into your 83' Chevy caprice to get it started when the engine is cold?

choke not working

Will a steering column for a 83 Chevy Caprice fit in a 84 Chevy Caprice?

Yes, exact fit! Just change the ignition key cylinder to retain use of same keys.

83 caprice 305 tranny slips what could it be will tranny from a 350 Chevy fit on a 305?


How do you replace radio in 1983 Chevy Caprice Classic?

In an '83, the chances are that you pull the knobs and unscrew the nuts they cover.

How to adjust a 83 ford single bbl carb?

Start at 1 1/2 turns from seat and adjust for best idle 1/4 turn at a time

What are the correct idle speeds for a Chevy 305 v8 with a four barrel carb?

On my 83 z28 305 it is 700 rpm

I have an 83 Chevy scottsdale truck with a 350 auto runs great until you put it in gear seams to be like its loadin up but if you floor it it runs fine what might it be?

check the ammount of gass an air entering you carb that could be why it runs that way all you have to do is adjust the screws on the front of your carb it would be smart to put some carb cleaner in it too

What is timing need to be set to for a 83 Chevy caprice to start after putting on heads?

usally about 8 or 10 degrees BTDC will work fine to get it going.

What motors can fit in a 83 caprice?

only a 350

83 caprice classic wagon bolt pattern?


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