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The clutch master cylinder has an actuator rod that connects to the clutch pedal.This rod has a lock nut on it.Loosen this nut and turn the rod to lengthen or shorten the pedal free play. .


the rule of thumb is to have at least 1 inch of freeplay in the clutch pedal to prevent the clutch disc from dragging

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Q: How do you adjust the clutch on a 2000 Toyota Tacoma 2 wheel drive so that you engage earlier and with less travel?
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Toyota Tacoma clutch?

Clutch travel

How do you adjust a Toyota hilux 2.8d clutch?

You can not adjust it. Its Hydraulic.

How do you adjust clutch on a Toyota echo?

You can only adjust the clutch pedal. You can adjust position and range just on top of the pedal.

Where is the clutch fluid reservoir for 2001 Toyota Tacoma?

The clutch fluid reservoir in a 2001 Toyota Tacoma is located on the vehicle's firewall near the back of the engine compartment. It provides a constant supply of fluid to the clutch as needed.

How do you adjust the clutch on a 96 Toyota Tercel?


If I keep using the clutch start cancel button on my Toyota Tacoma will I damage the truck?

Using the clutch start cancel button on a Toyota Tacoma will damage the truck. Damage can occur to the starter and eventually the engine.

Where is the clutch reservoir on a 2006 Toyota Tacoma?

Between the brake reservoir and the firewall.

How do you adjust the clutch on a 1998 Toyota Camry?

I don'y know

How do you bleed the hydraulic clutch on 1996 Toyota tacoma 4x4?

figured it out. thanks anyways.

When does the clutch need to be replaced on a 1999 Toyota tacoma 4x4 2.7?

when it slips or grinds

What is the best clutch for a 1998 Toyota Tacoma 4x4?

i used to have one of these however I upgraded but before doing so I did have to replace the clutch as my lil bro wore mine out I tried a clutch from a rotary Honda that didnt even fit in however I got in touch with Toyota and they sent me a clutch from a 1998 Toyota tacoma 4x4 it worked until it broke and I needed a new one

Can you start your Toyota tacoma truck in the neutral position without pushing in the clutch?

yes but you have to push in your clutch start cancel button

How do you adjust 1999 Toyota tocoma clutch?

you dont. its hydraulic, and its adjusting.

Can you adjust clutch on Toyota hiace van?

The clutch of on a Toyota Hiace van can be adjusted if there are mechanical issues. The instructions on how to adjust the clutch should be found in the owner manual. This is considered a major repair therefor seeking a professional to do the work may be best.

What would cause a 2000 Toyota Tacoma to surge at idle and while driving?

maybe the clutch

How do you adjust a clutch pedal on a 82 Toyota Corolla?

kill ur self

How do you adjust the clutch on a 1989 Toyota pick up truck?


How do you adjust the clutch on a 99 Toyota Celica st.?

There is no adjustment on the clutch, if it is not disengaging, it is probably the slave cylindar on the transmission. The fluid may be low also.

How Adjust clutch pedal 1995 neon?

how to adjust a 95 dodge neon clutch? how to adjust a 95 dodge neon clutch?

How do you adjust the clutch on a scudo van?

how do i adjust the clutch on a scudo van?

How do you tighten the clutch in a 1985 Toyota MR2?

The clutch is hydrolic and should adjust automaticly unless there is a leak or air in the line. there is really no way of adjusting it manually

How do you fix throw out bearing on 2000 Toyota Tacoma?

You replace it. As long as you have the transmission out, you might as well put the clutch and pressure plate in also.

How do you adjust a clutch on a 1998 Jeep Wrangler?

you cannot adjust you need new clutch.

How do you adjust a clutch on a 91 Toyota Celica?

the clutch is not adjustable but you can take up some pedal free-play by going under the dash and locating the adjustable rod going from the clutch pedal to the master cyl

How do you adjust a clutch in a 1995 Ford Escort LX?

You can't adjust a clutch in a 95 Escort because it has a hydraulic clutch.