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by the set screw on throttle cable

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2008-12-07 03:40:27
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Q: How do you adjust the idle on a 1988 ford bronco 2 engine?
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Can you adjust the valves on a 1989 ford bronco?

That depends on the size of the engine

1988 bronco brake light switch adjustment?

The 1988 Ford brake light switch does not adjust, replace it with a new one.

What is the largest engine you can fit in an 88 bronco?

The Largest engine that will fit the motor mounts in a 1988 Ford Bronco is a 351 Windsor engine. You can get custom motor mounts and what not to fit any engine, but it takes some creativity and welding. I have a 460 engine in my 1988 Bronco, but it took quite the time to fit it in.

Is the intake manifold for a 1988 5.0 ford engine bronco match up with a 1988 Lincoln 5.0 engine town car?

it should be as they are both the same engine

1988 ford bronco steering column 1993 bronco?


What is the spark plug gap for a 1988 ford bronco 302 V8?

According to www . ford parts . com ( no spaces ) For a 1988 Ford Bronco , 302 cubic inch V8 engine The spark plug gap is ( .044 inch )

How much horse power does a 88 ford bronco 2 XL have?

I BELIEVE the 2.9 liter V6 engine in a 1988 Ford Bronco II is rated at ( 140 horsepower from the factory )

What is the part number for the 1988 Ford Bronco fuel pressure regulator with a 351w engine?

Motorcraft ( CM 4764 ) according to motorcraft . com ( no spaces ) new fuel pressure regulator for a 1988 Ford Bronco 351 cubic inch

Which is the power of the engine of the ford bronco 8cyl 1966?

The power of the engine of the ford bronco 8cyl 1966 is 200 hp

What size fuel tank does a 1988 ford bronco 5.7 have?

Ford doesn't have a 5.7L engine. They had a 5.8L (351 cid) which has a 30 gallon tank.

Where is the thermostat for a 1988 ford bronco with a 5.7 engine?

Ford doesnt have a 5.7l. On a 5.8 it is behind the thermostat housing at the front edge of the lower intake.

It is a 1988 ford bronco 2 4x4?


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