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No can do. The shift linkage on a Ford Ranger is internal and therefore cannot be adjusted. In other words it's not like the old 4 speed transmissions that had a series of rods which could be adjusted longer or shorter to get the correct "throw" to engage the the gear selected. Most newer cars and trucks have internal linkage (located inside the transmission case) and if you were to remove the shifter you would see it just sits on top of an opening in the tranny and leaves no room for adjustment. Sucks huh?

I have a 91 ranger 2.3 automatic a4ld transmission, and you can adjust the linkage on this truck, I don't know about manual transmissions. I think I googled the Question and got an answer through the Ford ranger station web site. You will need a 3-5 pound weight to tie onto the shifter lever & the cable that connects to the trans is adjustable. Pay close attention to the instructions, the setting has to be perfect along with the selector setting on the dash. the cable as a pull tab where the cable connects to a bracket before it connects to the trans, pull it up and the cable slides up and down. make sure the bracket is straight and the cable is straight going to trans. also the kickdown cable going through the firewall is adjustable. Google that question as well.

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Q: How do you adjust the linkage on a 1994 Ford Ranger XLT?
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