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Here are a few:

Women love romance, so pick a secluded place that is romantic and propose to her.

If you are sleeping together already, then get a nice hotel and go up to the room a little earlier and spread rose pedals all over the bed, or, leave one red rose on her pillow with the ring tied to it on a pretty ribbon. Make sure you're right next to her! Tell the hotel that you want chocolate covered strawberries and champagne delivered to your room at a certain time. Have a big fancy bath tub in your hotel room already drawn with bubbles or rose pedals floating in it, candles around the bath tub, and the lights down low.

You could go away for a weekend to a beautiful hotel or a quaint Bed/Breakfast and propose to her there.

The old fashion way of getting down on one knee, taking her hand is still one of the most romantic ways to propose.

If both of you are adventuresome, and you can afford it, have a private plane cross by where she lives (be sure you're there) and have a banner that asks her to marry you.

If you are lucky enough to live in a city that has a horse-drawn carriage that circles a beautiful park, then rent one for the evening and take your own chilled champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. Have fun!

Rent a limo and have chocolate covered strawberries, champagne inside the limo and soft music. If you like, set up a nice party with friends, but propose to her in the limo and take an hours spin before going to the party to celebrate.

Whatever you do, don't put the ring in the bottom of her drink! I've had two younger girlfriends swallow the ring! Not a pretty sight. LOL

Only you know the personality of your girlfriend, so if she's a private person and reserved I'd go with the hotel or getting down on one knee or the carriage around the park. If she's a fun person, good for a laugh, do the plane/banner thing, or get the limo and with the chocolate strawberries/champagne.

Sounds like this young women is getting a really nice guy sooooooo ......

Answerhave your friend ask him to ask you to marry you on a date at a fancy restrant with a 60kt dimand ring

There are lots of different ways to propose. Consider if she would like a private proposal or a more public declaration of your love. What would you feel comfortable doing? I'd suggest taking a look at websites that have long lists of ideas. Select an idea or two and adapt it to fit your situation. Here are a few sites to get your creative juices flowing:


okay, take her, or him, Red Carpet Inn and have a great night if you know what i mean.... and then in the morning blow her mind and soul away, and be like " yo yo yo G... G for girl! will you be my wifey?"

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Q: How do you ask someone to marry you?
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