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How do you attract a girl to a girl if they are friends?

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If both girls do the same way...about...erm...each other, then it wont work out. Try a gay bar. (No judgement, is all good, gay is great, rock on, whatever makes you happy)

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How can a girl attract one of her girl friends?

Be yourself and have fun

How do you attract a Libra girl?

Be attractive & seductive. Be really good friends with her. Be spontaneous. Have fun. Be opinionated with her.

How do you attract a girl when she is your best friends sister?

Try talking to her ... as if you were both rational human beings.

How do you attract a Leo girl i am a Virgo boy?

You'll make better friends than lovers.

How do you attract a freshman girl?

Maybe by being nice, making her laugh, become really good friends, girls love that!

How do you attract a girl if you are a girl?

Dont try to attract a girl just be yourself and maybe they will be attracted to you. but you have to know if they are lesbians too!

How do you attract a 15 year old girl?

Be sweet. Dont look at other girls in front of her. Get to know her. Be nice to her and her friends. Take the time to spend with her instead of just your friends.

What is another word for be of interest to?

Examples of synonyms for "be of interest to" are attract or appeal to.Examples:This should be of interest to your friends.This should attract your friends.This should appeal to your friends.

How do youyou attract a girl without approaching her?

If you want to attract a girl with out being near her then how about getting her to come to you

How do you attract Scorpio Man I am a Cancer Girl We are just friends and I want to get marry with him?

There is no certain ways to attract people of a specific sign. If you're friends with him, that must means he likes you as you are. So ask him for coffee, then maybe a movie or drinks. Hope all goes well!

How do you attract any girl?

You can't attract every girl. Everyone likes different things. Just be yourself.

How to attract an older girl?

The best way to attract an older girl, or any girl for that matter, is to be yourself. It will be to your advantage if you are mature, sensible and not afraid to approach her.

How do you attract the girl next door?

To attract a girl you like, you should be yourself. She will probably give you a chance if you are nice and honest.

Is it normal for a stick instect to have hair?

It depends. Some do if they are trying to attract friends. Kinda like when girl pose on facebook to attract their men. Does this help? Maybe it's wearing a wig though. You should double check.

Why do squirrels move their tail?

to attract friends

How do you attract nerdy girl?

You dont

How do you attract a tomboy girl?

I am a tomboy girl. You could...... Act like shes just one of ur guy friends. Joke around and stuff. Then, she'll like u too, and u can ask her out.

How does a Sagittarius boy attract a Virgo girl?

however he would attract any other girl, their star sign doesnt make a difference

What you ask from girl for attract?

do you mean to get her attracted to you well that depends on the girl

What attract a girl if you are a girl?

First make sure that she is also looking to attract a girl and if she is and knows u ate looking fir a girl too then start by talking with her and get to know her then make UR move

How do you attract a college girl?

I think if you have the honesty and boldness you can attract any person . So if i want to attract any college girl simply i have to be a good person and try to do something so that she may notice me :)

How do you attract a teen girl?

Learn how to do a Backflip

Will make up attract girl?


What should a boy do to attract girl?

Always be there for her

How do you attract your crush?

you attract your crush by getting to know them and to do this there are a few steps: # become friends # then see if they are interested in you # then ask them out